Keep Your Mind Alert with Isochronic Tones


As I sit here writing this I have a cold and am truly in a mental fog. I have been staring at my computer screen wasting time… willing myself to do some work. No energy and a fogged mind does not make for a very productive person, and right now I am not productive.

I have been feeling sick for a few days and slowly getting better. However it is enough already and I need to do something.

I remembered my ‘stay alert isochronic tones’ and decided to take a 30 minute break, plug into my ipod and let the isochronic tones do their job.

I find isochronic tones to be so far more advanced than binaural beats and luckily the thirty minute stay alert package did the trick and I was able to work for at least a couple of hours.

Sometimes when I am feeling rough I forget that I have these resources available. I almost need a reminder or a kick in the butt to do something to help myself instead of just lay around feeling awful. I still have my cold of course, but my mind is much more active and the fog has cleared… at least for the time being.

Clearing a Fogged Up Mind

Your mind can get fogged up for many reasons and when it is it can be really difficult to think clearly and get much done. Being alert is essential when you are working, when you are with your kids and when you are doing any number of daily activities.

Many people turn to coffee or prescription drugs to keep their energy level up and their mind alert. However there are alternatives and listening to a thirty minute isochronic tones recording is about as simple as it gets.

How Do the Isochronic Tones Work?

The ‘stay alert isochronic tones’ first will channel your brain in the direction that allows you to perform at your peak efficiency. You will listen to a low beta tone that will stimulate the part of the brain that ensures you can not only focus but also take on any task that comes before you with ease. The low beta tone will eventually migrate to a higher frequency level which will help you to react quickly and intelligently.

After 30 minutes of listening to this entrainment recording you will be more alert, have more focus and be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Don’t let your fogged mind lead you to frustration and inefficient action. Try the isochronic tones entrainment recording today and remember what it is like to have an alert mind that works at a much higher capacity.

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