The Anti-Aging Brainwave Frequency


Aging is a part of life. It is inevitable, we all go through it and yet who wouldn’t want to discover a fountain of youth. Speaking for myself I would like to age gracefully yet stay looking healthy, vital and young for as long as I can… not to mention feeling just as good as well.

The number one factor that stands in the way for most people when it comes to aging is the brain. Your brain frequencies are the key to unlocking the fountain of youth.

Fountain of Youth Brainwave Frequencies

There is no magic involved when dealing with your brain frequencies. You are experiencing a constant flow of brainwaves twenty-four hours a day. The unique Fountain of Youth brainwave audio allows you to experience both Delta and low Theta frequencies.

This special combination of brain frequencies have shown to slow the rate of aging and in some cases even reverse it by allowing the body and mind to regenerate itself. This in turn helps you to look and feel younger.

How Does this Work?

This brainwave audio uses either binaural beats or isochronic tones. Separate frequencies are introduced to each individual ear and the brain reacts by creating a third frequency that makes up the difference of the two. The third tone may not have been able to be experienced otherwise and it allows for a shift in consciousness. In this way you are able to bypass your conscious mind and work directly with your subconscious.

The recording is totally safe yet very powerful and for it to be most effective it is important that you are sitting or lying down in a quiet space with no distractions. When in the Delta frequency state your body and mind are able to achieve great healing and each time you listen to your recording will help you to reach your goal.

What to Expect

With the Fountain of Youth brainwave recording you can expect to:

  • look more rested and rejuvenated
  • lines on your face will start to disappear
  • you will have more energy
  • you will notice a sparkle return to your eyes
  • you will feel calm and relaxed
  • you will feel far less stress
  • you will feel stronger in spirit as well as mentally and physically

There is no magic involved and no huge costly expense. It is simply a matter of programming your brain to experience the right frequencies for youthfulness, healing and rejuvenation.

Who Would Benefit from this Recording?

Any person of any age can benefit from the Fountain of Youth brainwave recording. If you are young then you can get a head start and will likely find the results will show up far quicker. If you are older then there is no time like today to reclaim your life and feel that energized spirit you had in your youth.

It is true that aging is a state of mind and luckily we have the science available to work with the brain in a healthy and safe way to slow down the aging process and feel and look great for as long as possible.

For more information on binaural beats and the many different brainwave audios available see our Unexplainable Store Review or go straight to the MP3 download for the Fountain of Youth Brainwave Audio.

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