Astral Projection Isochronic Crystal Set


People have studied for years and done numerous mental training exercises in order to try and access the Astral Plane. However even with years of practice often people find themselves unable to make any contact with another plane.

The secret that has been discovered through years of research and experimentation is that in order to achieve astral projection you must tap into very specific brainwave frequencies.

Besides listening to a binaural beats or isochronic tones MP3 download to work with your brainwaves you can now also achieve great results with the Astral Projection Isochronic Crystal Set.

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection or sometimes called “Out of Body Experiences” is the ability to communicate on a very deep level within the spiritual realm. The Astral Realm includes all things metaphysical and spiritual. Often people would like to communicate with distant relatives and friends in a spiritual manor right from their own home. In order to do this you must tune your brain frequency to the right combination for Astral Projection.

This state of consciousness can not be forced. The conscious mind all too often blocks us from fully utilizing the subconscious mind. In order to accomplish Astral Projection you must completely bypass your conscious thoughts and allow your subconscious to lead the way.

For anyone who has ever tried to put the conscious mind aside such as with meditation you will know how difficult this can be. That is why the Isochronic Crystal Sets are so helpful.

How do the Astral Projection Isochronic Crystal Sets Work?

1. Each crystal set is very specific for its own intended use. With the set you can a pouch of high quality tumbled crystals and gems as well as a cleansing and activation CD and complete instructions.

2. You will cleanse your crystal set in order to rid it of any unnecessary vibrations and then activate it with the Astral Projection frequencies.

3. Once the crystals are activated you can carry them with you and absorb the frequencies that they contain. This may sound simple but crystals are known to be extremely powerful and excellent sources for holding onto vibrational energy. The closer you bring the crystals to your body the more powerful they will be. It has been recommended that you can even sleep with them to feel the effects throughout the night.

4. The whole process of cleansing and charging your crystals takes about 30 minutes and it is recommended that you repeat the cleansing and charging process 4 times per year.

Crystals Included in the Astral Projection Crystal Set

The Astral Projection Isochronic Crystal Set includes 5 different gems including:

  • Rhodonite – Opens the heart chakra and helps deal with emotional closure which is essential for astral projection.
  • Moonstone – Works with the third eye chakra and gives you the ability to leave your body and actually see the world beyond the physical.
  • Tiger Eye – Balances the third eye chakra and makes Astral Projection safer by not allowing negative experiences to interfere with your journey.
  • Unakite – Opens the third eye and helps you to communicate with others on a spiritual level.
  • Amethyst – Opens up the crown chakra and stimulates your latent psychic awareness. Amathyst gives you the second sight to see through the physical world

The combination of these crystals and gems when activated with isochronic tones (which is the most powerful form of brainwave entrainment) you have a winning combination for mastering the art of Astral Projection.

For more information on this as well as other isochronic crystal sets visit The Unexplainable Store.

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