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The human aura can reflect a person’s health, emotions, mental status as well as any disease and illness. It is a reflection of our life energies and can reveal a lot about a human life.

The human aura is made up of a couple different layers:

  • The first layer is the etheric aura. This part of the aura is no more than half an inch thick and surrounds the body very close to the skin in a very pale color.
  • The main aura looks like layers of bands and is directly emitted from the chakras. This part of the aura looks like vibrant curvy bands surrounding the body.

A person’s aura can change, expand and shift in color. The strength of the aura is affected by:

  • a person’s energy, life style and nature
  • light
  • surrounding colors

How to See a Living Aura

Many people have the ability to view auras and it is not difficult to learn how. All living things have auras and you can just as easily practice with a plant as with a person.

Keep in mind that colors will affect how the aura shows. For example if you are looking at a person who is wearing a blue shirt their aura will look a little yellow. It is impossible to see the true colors of an aura when there are colors that are affecting it. The best thing to do is to concentrate on someone wearing very little clothing or focus on a person’s bare arm or hand.

Follow these steps to practice viewing the living aura of a plant:

  • Place a nice green healthy looking plant in a lit area without much background color or light.
  • Keep the background simple and natural if possible.
  • Focus on one of the plant leaves, then slowly shift your focus past the leaf to either side while maintaining visual contact with the leaf through the corner of your eye.
  • You can blink naturally as you need to.
  • You should start to notice a thin band around the perimeter of the leaf. Assuming the plant is green this aura should start to take on an orange hue.
  • Keep focusing on the leaf and the thin band and you will see a larger aura glimmering from the plant that has a greater energy field.
  • What you are seeing is the actual life force of the plant shining around it.

All living auras are slightly different but you can follow these steps whether viewing the aura of a plant, an animal or even a human. You will notice that some living beings will radiate more than others. The strength of their aura will depend on the strength of their life force and factors in their environment.

Tips to Remember when Viewing Auras
  1. Auras will expand as you watch and tune into it more and more.
  2. If you are viewing a person’s aura try and stimulate them by playing music or making them laugh. Their moods will affect their aura and you will be able to notice the difference in the strength of their aura. If a person is happy their aura is bigger, stronger and brighter.
  3. Remember that auras will be affected by the colors around them. So take note of whatever colors are in the environment of the aura you are trying to see. For example if you are practicing viewing the aura around your foot and you are sitting outside in grass then the green grass will cast an orange hue around your foot.

Get a little help…

Everyone has the ability to see aura’s and with a little practice you will be amazed at how easily you can see aura’s all around you.

There are brainwave entrainment audios that help with aura viewing and can easily help speed along the process. A specific binaural beats recording for aura viewing can help stimulate the frequencies that aid us in viewing aura’s more easily.

I would highly suggest that if you want to use a binaural beats recording to use not only an Aura Viewing audio but also a Chakra Tuning recording. Using these two in conjunction can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of aura viewing as well as in tuning up your own chakras and making your own personal aura powerful and strong.

Recommended Sources for Binaural Beats…

The best place we have found that offers both Aura Viewing and Chakra Tuning brainwave entrainment audios is the Unexplainable Store.

See our binaural beats page for more information or go straight to The Unexplainable Store to try their binaural beats for aura viewing.

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