Which Are the Best Binaural Beats?


If you have done much research on binaural beats you will have likely noticed that there are quite a few options.  It is important to note that not all binaural beat downloads or CD’s are created equal.  I have tried quite a few different brainwave audios, some expensive and some not.  Below are the best binaural beats that I have found and the ones that I continue to use daily.

Best Binaural Beats

I stumbled upon the binaural beats from The Unexplainable Store a few years back and since then they are all I use.  They are quite popular and I have personally had very good success with them.

The binaural beats and unique brainwave audios from The Unexplainable Store are good for several reasons:

  1. The quality of their audios are some of the best out there
  2. They are easy to download in MP3 format or also can be purchased on CD
  3. They are extremely affordable
  4. They have a huge range of choice for different unique binaural beats to experience several different altered mind states

The brainwave audios from The Unexplainable Store are highly respected and out of all the different binaural beats recordings that I have tried, these ones have worked the best for me.

There are more extensive as well as more expensive brainwave entrainment programs available online and I know a couple of them to be really excellent for creating long lasting positive change within the brain.

However if like me you simply want some easy recordings that can be listened to any time in order to experience positive mind changes and different altered states of mind then The Unexplainable Store is the best place to go.

Favorite Binaural Beats Downloads

I have used quite a few unique binaural beat downloads and my favorites are always changing depending on my needs. The best binaural beats that I have tried from the Unexplainable Store to date are:

  • Sleep Binaural Beats
  • Lucid Dreaming Binaural Beats
  • Past Life Regression Binaural Beats
  • Relaxation Binaural Beats

I have had a lot of success with these four recordings and found that they worked very well for me.

Go to the The Unexplainable Store and browse their large selection of binaural beats to find the right audio track for you.  Then sit down, relax, tune out and prepare to reap the many benefits that binaural beats offer.

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