Binaural Beats 101


Although binaural beat technology is used all over the world and has become better known over the last decade, there is still a lot of confusion as to what binaural beats are, how they work, as well as how they should be used, if they are safe and which ones to get.

In this post we will go through the basic lessons of everything you need to know about binaural beats in order to understand this unique technology better and help you to decide if they are right for you and feel comfortable using them.

Binaural Beats Lesson # 1 – What Are They?

Binaural beat technology has been used and researched for over 70 years. Binaural beats are a series of unique pulses and frequencies that when listened to with a pair of headphones work directly with your brainwaves.

This may sound a little scary but in truth all binaural beats are doing is telling your brain which frequency wave it needs to experience.

By tuning the brain to a very specific frequency you are able to bypass your conscious mind and do great work with the subconscious mind as well as experience many different mind states including deep meditative trances and the ultimate in relaxation. Which mind state you experience will depend on which binaural beat audio you are listening to and which frequencies it is programmed to trigger.

Binaural Beats Lesson # 2 – How Do they Work?

This technology works by presenting the brain with two separate frequencies – a different one in each ear. When the brain experiences these two separate frequencies it reacts by creating a third frequency that is the difference of the two originally presented.

For example the brainwave recording might be programmed with a 310 Hz tone for one ear and a 301 Hz tone for the other ear. The brain will take the 310 Hz tone and minus the 301 Hz tone and create a third tone of 9 Hz.

In order for your brain to perceive the third beat the two frequencies presented must be below 1500 Hz (so that you are able to hear the beating) and the difference between the two tones must be below 30 Hz (so that you can feel the effect).

Binaural Beats Lesson # 3 – Why Are the Necessary?

The low brainwaves are typically known to be calming and regenerative almost like the very low frequencies experienced in deep sleep. You will experience them naturally every now and again such as with:

  • deep meditation
  • day dreaming
  • hypnosis
  • sleep
  • when being very creative

When you have that feeling of totally losing yourself in something such as a trance, a day dream or when working on a very creative project, this is usually because your brainwaves have dropped to a very low level.

However to experience the beneficial effects of low brainwave frequencies on command is extremely difficult.

It is impossible to simply present a recording with the specific low pulses and tones that you want to experience because the brain is not able to register listening to a frequency wave below 20 Hz. For example by simply listening to an audio recording that pulses only a 9 Hz tone, your brain would not perceive it.

That is why you need the two separate higher tones such as with binaural beats in order to essentially trick your brain into creating the third low frequency for you.

Binaural Beats Lesson # 4 – Mind States and Benefits

There are numerous mind states and benefits that result from using brainwave audios.

Besides the most common benefits of deep relaxation and better sleep there are numerous fantastic health benefits and mystical mind states that you can explore.

Below are some of the better known health benefits. Many of the below benefits have specific audios tuned to create these results.

  • Stress relief and a sensation of deep calm
  • Deep breathing and a feeling of peace
  • The ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep – when listened to right before you go to bed
  • Pain relief for those who suffer from chronic aches and pains
  • A noticeable improvement with weight loss
  • More focus and improved memory
  • An easier time with learning, as well as an increase in IQ – great for students who spend a lot of time studying and taking exams
  • Known to really help with addictions
  • An overall sense of wellbeing and happiness

Some of the most popular mind states that are able to be experienced with specific recordings are:

  • Lucid dreams
  • Deep meditative trances
  • Psychic awareness and ESP
  • Astral projection
  • Telepathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Contact with spirit guides

There are many more benefits and mind states that are able to be enjoyed as a result to listening to very specific brainwave audios tuned to the exact frequency needed to experience these results.

Binaural Beats Lesson # 5 – Safety Concerns

For the majority of people there are no safety concerns when listening to brainwave audios such as binaural beats and isochronic tones as long as you use them responsibly meaning:

  • These audios produce significant relaxation benefits and bring the body and mind to a meditative state. Therefore it is important not to listen to them while operating any machinery or doing any type of activity where falling asleep would be a problem!

It is also well known that they should not be listened to by a pregnant woman, by any person who suffers from epilepsy and seizures or any type of heart condition.

If you are unsure or have any concerns check with a medical professional first.

However for the majority of us, they are absolutely no problem and are used by athletes, businesses, and regular folks all over the world.

In Conclusion…

Hopefully the above 5 lessons will help to clear up any questions or concerns regarding the use of binaural beat technology. It is possible of course to go into far more depth and detail on this technology and if you feel like doing a little research it is not difficult to find research publications to read.

However the above information covers the basics and hopefully inspires you to try out a unique brainwave recording. In my opinion the trick to binaural beats is to have fun with them and if nothing else, know that you will experience some wonderful relaxation effects.

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