Binaural Beats Alpha Facts & Information


Binaural beats are an excellent way to tap into all of the different brain waves including:

  • Beta waves
  • Delta waves
  • Theta waves
  • Gamma waves
  • and especially Alpha waves

Binaural beats alpha are able to help most anyone to reach a state of complete relaxation that may be hard to achieve without a little help.

Of all the different brain waves Alpha brainwaves are the strongest and most prominent.

Consequently they are the most well known and although we are all able to experience Alpha waves naturally, many of us sometimes need a little help to achieve the benefits that an Alpha state can provide.

Facts about Alpha Brain Waves

  • Alpha brainwaves are the second fastest brain waves
  • Alpha waves have a frequency range of between 7 – 14 Hz
  • Alpha waves help to provide clarity to visualizations
  • Alpha waves are a direct link between the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Alpha waves help us to remember our dreams when we wake up
  • We can slip in and out of the Alpha brain wave state when we are meditating, relaxing or day-dreaming
  • Alpha waves mostly originate from the occipital lobe during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes
  • Alpha waves are reduced when the eyes are open as well as with sleep

What to Expect from Binaural Beats Alpha

All good quality binaural beats will allow you to experience Alpha brain waves. When you are in this state some very common effects are:

  • A complete calming of the body as well as the mind
  • A feeling of peace
  • Reduced stress
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • A feeling of balance and pleasure
  • A letting go of anxieties

Why use Binaural Beats Alpha?

Alpha brain waves are very possible to experience naturally without any help. So why would someone want to use binaural beats to help experience them?

The answer to this question is very simple… In today’s world, people are stressed out. Life is busy, chaotic and often confusing. Although it is possible to experience Alpha brain waves without any help, binaural beats allow us to experience the benefits of this state at any time we chose.

It can sometimes be very difficult to actually relax. Even if we try to take some time out to breathe, we are often unable to shut off the conscious mind and truly experience the healing benefits of true relaxation.

By tuning in to a binaural brainwave entrainment audio, closing our eyes and focusing on the pulses coming through the headphones, we are able to bypass the conscious mind and deal directly with the subconscious.

This is a very powerful state that can not only help a person to feel a million times better but also to restore some peace and harmony to their mind, body and spirit. In turn we are able to function better when in the awake state.

”To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

There are lots of people who are excellent at using the Alpha brain wave state to their advantage. Some examples include:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Athletes
  • Very intuitive people
  • People who are experienced and dedicated with meditating

There is absolutely no reason why all of us can’t use the Alpha wave state to our advantage as well.

The great thing about binaural beats alpha is that they can help you to experience all of the positive benefits of Alpha waves very quickly and easily. They give us the help needed to force ourselves to take a break and relax on all levels.

Note: To get the most benefit from binaural beats alpha it is important to use them while seated quietly with your eyes closed.

For more information as well as where to find high quality binaural beats alpha products please see our recommended binaural beats page.

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