Binaural Beats Download to Replace Coffee


Early mornings can be a drag and you may feel like a walking zombie until you get that first cup of coffee into you. The brain is fogged, the feet feel like lead and the body is still half asleep. Most of us know the feeling well.

As an alternative to coffee there is a specific binaural beats download that can kick start your day without any of the negative health impacts associated with caffeine.

Binaural beats work by influencing your brainwave frequencies and help your brain to experience the frequencies needed for energy, focus and motivation.

Mind State Frequencies

As much as your mind state affects the frequency of your brain waves it is also true that brainwave frequencies can affect your state of mind. Therefore you can vary your state of mind by working directly with your brainwaves and this can be easily accomplished by listening to a binaural beat recording.

In order to be fully alert, focused and motivated your brain wave frequencies need to be in the high beta frequency range which is approximately over 15 Hz. When you are resting and tired your brainwaves will be in a lower frequency range of under 15 Hz.

If you are tired and groggy but need to be alert and energized then you simply need to raise your brainwave frequency level.

How Binaural Beats can Help

People often associate binaural beats with extreme relaxation and deep meditation. Although they can be great for this they are not limited to it. There is no reason a binaural beat download can not raise your frequency level as well as lower it. There is a large range of binaural beats audio recordings available to suit almost anyone’s need.

By taking at least ten minutes each morning to sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes and listen to a binaural beats recording with a pair of headphones you can get the same results as you can from drinking a cup or two of strong coffee.

In fact you could get better results as you will not have the crash that comes after drinking coffee, once the buzz has worn off.

False Energy vs. Real Energy

Coffee gives you a false type of energy that will eventually turn to a feeling of being tired. A binaural beats audio specifically tuned for energy and mental alertness will give you a natural and very real energy boost that can last all day.

Once your brainwaves have locked onto a certain frequency it will not easily deter from it unless you take the steps to relax, be calm and lower your frequency level.

Many people have turned to binaural beats as a way to beat the coffee habit, save money and be healthier while still getting the same kick start they need in the morning to start the day on the right foot… or on the right frequency level.

21 Days to Break a Habit

The trick to binaural beats working for you is to make sure you get the right recording. You need it to be programmed to the right frequency level to get the desired results.

The Unexplainable Store has one of the best brainwave recordings I have found for creating energy, focus and motivation. Try it for a few weeks and see what you think. It takes around 21 days to break a habit and form a new one.

With busy schedules and just dealing with life in general, I know as well as anyone that energy is not always easy to come by. A little help for your brainwaves with an energy binaural beats recording can go a long way.

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