My Binaural Beats Experience


At this point I have tried a lot of different binaural beats downloads as well as other brainwave audios such as monaural beats and isochronic tones. I know them well; I have enjoyed them, recommended them to my family and friends, as well as received a lot of benefits from them.

I have been through the big brainwave programs and listened to many different binaural beats CD’s as well as downloaded numerous MP3 options. I feel confident in saying that although I haven’t tried all the programs out there, I have a pretty good range of experience.

After several years of using the different brainwave entrainment products I have realized several things:

Don’t Spend a Lot of Money

For one thing, I have realized that you do not need to spend a lot of money in order to get good results. I have bought the expensive programs and I have downloaded the far cheaper binaural beats MP3’s. I can honestly say that I have not seen a major difference in the benefits I received nor of the quality of the product.

In fact I would say that although the longer more expensive programs may have initially kept me more on tract, in the end they got put aside as I found myself wanting something simpler, more fun and easier to incorporate into my life.

On the other hand I have found that the free download options have not worked for me at all. After doing some research I learned the most of the free options are stock recordings that have been used a million times and do not have the proper compression for good results. Therefore it is wise to at least spend a small amount to make sure you are getting a quality product. After all there is no point using them if they are not going to work.

Stick with What Works for You

Second, after experimenting with all sorts of binaural beats for experiencing different mind states, I always find myself coming back to a few standards… the meditation binaural beats, the relaxation binaural beats and the focus binaural beats.

Although it can be really fun to experiment with things such as lucid dreaming, psychic abilities and astral projection, I find that once I have accomplished those things, I always go back to my regular relax, de-stress and meditate options. Possibly because staying calm, relaxed and not worrying is something I am always working on.

Also even though I have come a LONG way in how I deal with stress and anxiety, I find that there are always new circumstances and life events happening where I need just a little bit of extra help to stay calm, focused and positive.

I have learned that I can sink into despair quite easily but I have also learned that if I listen to my binaural beats when I feel myself sinking then I can snap myself out of it and move on. They truly work that well for me.

Make Sure you Have Easy Access

The last thing I have learned is to have my binaural beats somewhere where I can access them easily. For example if you have the MP3 downloads, have them programmed on your iPod or on your MP3 player and have it on your bed side table. If you have CD’s then have your CD player or Discman close by so you don’t have to hunt it down.

I used to leave my downloads on my computer and just transfer them to either CD or onto my MP3 player when I needed them. However I found that when I needed them I was in a state where I didn’t want to bother doing that extra work and therefore wouldn’t bother. Now I have them ready to go and easy to find. This makes a huge difference fore me.

What I Have Learned…

So to summarize, I have learned four important things throughout my binaural beats experience:

  1. To skip the expensive brainwave entrainment programs and go for the single specialty audios.
  2. To go for quality affordable paid downloads as opposed to free options in order to get the most benefit.
  3. To enjoy the different mind states that can be accessed but to really stick with the relaxation, focus and meditation binaural beats on a regular basis which I find helps me the most in my life.
  4. To have my binaural beats within easy access to make sure I actually use them.

Although I still like to experiment with the different binaural beats options, I get the majority of my brainwave audios from The Unexplainable Store mostly because they offer the most choice as well as great quality for a very affordable price.

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