How Binaural Beats Help with DNA Stimulation


DNA can become damaged for a number of reasons and binaural beats have shown to be a safe and natural method of stimulating the DNA to promote repair and healing. There are many factors that may cause DNA damage that include:

  • UV rays
  • X-ray or other radioactive rays
  • Chemical intoxication
  • Thermal disruptions

DNA damage has now become one of the major concepts in cancer biology. It is being studied extensively and more is being heard on this subject as the years go by.

What Happens when DNA is Damaged?

When DNA is damaged there is some gene loss and there may be some important functionality of the genes lost. It can be very difficult to repair damaged DNA and in order to do so the DNA must be stimulated. Listening to binaural beats or using brainwave entrainment software is one way to stimulate the DNA and help with repair.

Is DNA damage rare?

No absolutely not. DNA damage is actually quite common and it occurs everyday in every part of the body. A normal person cannot know whether their DNA has been damaged or not. Only the individual cells within the body know that the DNA is damaged and in need of repair.

What happens when DNA is damaged?

When DNA is damaged the cell will try to repair itself through several processes. The process of repairing the damaged DNA is termed as DNA stimulation. DNA stimulation by cell happens anytime a cell gets damaged.

DNA stimulation is when the cell orders the DNA near the damaged DNA to bind with it and hence stimulates the damaged DNA.

This naturally occurring DNA stimulation is a very long process and it can take years to actually repair the damaged cells. With the advanced science and technology available today it is not necessary to wait that long. We can stimulate our DNA through the use of binaural beats quickly and easily – in fact it can be done within hours.

Using Binaural Beats for DNA Stimulation

There has been a lot of research in this field and it has been shown that external factors can influence the DNA stimulation.

It has been proven that the DNA can be stimulated if delta frequencies are applied.

When we are in a delta frequency state the DNA stimulation occurs at a very fast rate thereby ensuring a fast recovery and good health. Binaural beats are able to help us reach the delta frequency state very quickly.

Tuning into a binaural beat recording daily, spending only thirty minutes or so listening through the use of headphones can cause dramatic healing and DNA stimulation. This type of brainwave entrainment can be used by any person at any time. If you are sick then it is likely you have some DNA damage, but even if you are not sick but think there may be a possibility of damage it can only help to use a binaural beat recording.

Besides the cell repair that takes place, binaural beats also have a huge relaxation effective and a feeling of overall general well-being. It is the easiest and quickest way to make some major improvements to ones mind, body and spirit.

Please see our binaural beats page to find more detailed information on individual products that will help with DNA stimulation.

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