How to Enhance your Memory with Binaural Beats


Binaural beats are an effective and known way to enhance ones memory. I have met a few people throughout my life that seemed to have superhuman memory capabilities. It always made me vaguely jealous as I can only imagine that a phenomenal memory would help with literally every aspect of life.

I know from experience that my memory is affected if I am stressed or exhausted. It makes sense to me that memory is totally dependent on the state of the human mind.  In order to have great memory powers, the mind and body both need to be clear and relaxed.

Reasons to Improve Memory

There are all sorts of reasons why someone might desire to improve their memory with binaural beats:

  • You may want to improve it for business purposes
  • You may have noticed a decrease in memory as you have gotten older
  • You may be having trouble recalling peoples names
  • You may be having trouble in school
  • You may simply be feeling foggy and not as sharp as you once did

Turning to Outside Sources

Often when people notice their memory flailing or feel they need to improve their memory capabilities for whatever reason, they will look for outside help such as drugs and medication. There are a crazy amount of medications available for memory improvement.

I have never been a fan of drugs and I will explain below why it may be beneficial to try other more natural methods of enhancing ones memory such as using binaural beats.

  1. Drugs only ever offer temporary results. They bury the problem instead of proactively dealing with it in an effective manner.
  2. Drugs are very well known to have some pretty major side effects. When dealing with one problem, who needs a bunch more?
  3. Drugs are a quick fix and eventually the residue of the drugs will have to be cleared out of the body and the issue dealt with down the road anyway.

A More Natural and Effective Alternative

Whether you have a known memory problem or if you are simply looking to improve upon your memory capabilities, binaural beats and brainwave entrainment have been shown to make a major, long-lasting difference.

Something that is often not talked about with memory is that in order for the memory to increase there has to be a focus on teaching the brain to have deeper concentration. As humans our mind tends to jump from one thought to another very quickly.

If we are to improve our memory we must work directly with the brain to first improve concentration.

Using Binaural Beats

When we use binaural beats or some type of brainwave entrainment, certain frequencies are presented to the ears which send a signal to the brain to help to bring us into a subconscious state.

It is very important to bring the brain to this subconscious state because this is where the brain is at its maximum potential. In this state we can tap directly into the brain and clear any blockages that are there.

What happens when we clear the blockages?

  • Concentration automatically increases
  • Storage capacity within the brain increases
  • Memory improves dramatically

Scientific studies have proven that using brainwave entrainment has helped to improve memory as well as been very successful in helping people suffering from dyslexia.

By using a specific binaural beats frequency it is very possible to not only improve memory and concentration but to achieve very long-lasting results.

Memory enhancing software such as brainwave entrainment has been shown to provide permanent relief to memory problems with absolutely NO side effects.

To find more information on binaural beats as well as where to find quality brainwave audio’s for memory help please see our binaural beats page.

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