Binaural Beats for Studying – Focus your Mind


Are you going to school and need a little help with your studying?

Studying is a part of life… whether it is in school, work or simply with a hobby. We all have to do it, but it definitely comes easier for some than for others.

Studying takes an extreme amount of concentration, focus, motivation and memory. If any of these abilities are compromised in any way for any reason then studying becomes not only difficult but almost useless.

Binaural beats have proven to be an extremely affordable and effective aid for studying.

Students from all over the world have experienced the beneficial results of using study binaural beats and now that they can be purchased online in either MP3 format or CD, it has never been easier to access this brainwave technology.

How can Study Binaural Beats Help?

To understand why binaural beats help with studying it is important to understand how binaural beats work.

Binaural beats are specially generated sounds that are created in order to alter brainwaves. By altering the brainwaves we are able to influence the mind into experiencing altered states of consciousness. Which altered mind state we achieve will depend on the exact frequencies of the binaural beats.

For studying, it is important to bring the mind into focus. That means bypassing the conscious mind that is consistently wrapped up in mind chatter and sensory observations and tapping into logic, focus and concentration.

To achieve this increased state of mind power it is important for the brain to be “set” at the right frequency. It can be very difficult to alter ones brain frequency without any help.

Some people are able to achieve this with years of meditation practice. However as binaural beats have proven in many research studies, it can also be simply achieved by listening to brainwave entrainment audios.

Benefits of Using Binaural Beats for Studying

Binaural beats have been shown to be 100% safe as well as very effective. There are no side effects and many positive benefits. Some common benefits are:

  • Increased concentration
  • Sharper focus
  • The ability to retain more information for longer periods of time
  • Decrease in anxiety and stress
  • Stronger motivation
  • An increase in IQ score… yes this has been proven!
  • Relaxation
  • Deeper and better sleep
  • A stronger sense of balance and well being

Each of these benefits will directly result in better studying habits and hopefully with better test results and life achievements.

Conclusion on using Binaural Beats for Studying

I wish I had known about brainwave entrainment products such as study binaural beats and isochronic tones when I was in school… particularly in University.

A student’s life is not always so simple and being able to focus the way one needs to in order to achieve good results can be not only difficult but extremely frustrating.

Lack of energy, motivation, focus and concentration all lead to poor results. Research has shown that binaural beats do in fact work and can make a massive difference in studying as well as in all life situations.

It is possible to get separate binaural beats audios at the Unexplainable Store for:

  • achievement
  • focus
  • concentration
  • peak performance

Each of these recordings are very inexpensive and easily downloadable in MP3 format so they can be used immediately. However if you are looking for some serious results I would highly recommend the “Motivation Package Deal” at the Unexplainable Store. It combines all four of the recordings listed above and can produce some excellent results and some very effective study habits.

I purchased the Motivation Package Deal in Isochronic tones a couple of months ago and although I am no longer in school I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with how well it has focused my mind. It was really affordable and 100% worth using.

You can use these recordings daily or simply whenever you need them. Keep in mind that you will get the best results if you listen to your binaural beats with headphones, in a quiet setting with your eyes closed.

Explore these binaural beats for studying at the Unexplainable Store and experience the beneficial results for yourself.

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