Binaural Beats for Improved Public Speaking


Studies have shown that the number one fear of the general population is public speaking. This fear even triumphed over a fear of death!

Public speaking does not have to mean standing up in front of a large crowd and rattling off a speech. It can also mean simply speaking in social settings and struggling to feel comfortable and confident when meeting and speaking to new people.

If you have trouble speaking publicly and when meeting new people, you are certainly not alone. There are millions of other people who feel the same way and suffer from the same awkward and uncomfortable feelings of socially speaking in a public setting.

Improving your social skills and conquering this fear can be difficult and exhausting to say the least. However there is an easy and effective solution that will not necessarily cure this fear but will certainly be a big help.  I have noticed a major improvement in my own public speaking skills from listening to binaural beats.

How do Binaural Beats Help with Public Speaking?

Well first it is important to understand that all speech is directly connected with the parietal lobe. When fear is present it interferes with the impulses that should be going through the parietal lobe that create effective communication.

Therefore fear literally blocks effective communication (any of us who have ever suffered from this fear are well aware of that!).

Binaural beats, specifically the recording designed for help with public speaking, calms your nerves and strengthens your neural pathways to the parietal lobe in order to ensure you communicate effectively and easily.

Two Step Process

By listening to the public speaking binaural beats audio, the entrainment recording first presents a soothing mix of Delta tones in order to first release your brain of all anxiety.

As these Delta tones are doing their job, another Theta tone then begins to strengthen your neural pathways and your muscle control to focus your body.

The reason the two step process is so important is that not only is the binaural audio calming you down but it is also helping to ensure that you are able to control all aspects of your speech and body language while you are speaking.

For Best Results…

What I have found to work best is to listen to the recording right before you will be speaking publicly or as close to that time as possible. The recording will put your mind and body at ease while allowing you to express your ideas and opinions in an easy and natural manner.

As you have more success with public speaking, your confidence will increase. Over time with your increased confidence and by continuing to listen to the binaural beats you will find that you will begin to naturally become a very good public speaker.

Your neural pathways will continue to get stronger and the goal is to eventually no longer need to use the binaural beats.

Advantages of a Good Public Speaker

There are so many advantages to having good public speaking skills. Below are some of the most prominent benefits to being able to speak in any public situation.

  • Can help you to appear far more confident and know what you are talking about.
  • Can help you to move forward with your career or with your education.
  • When you can speak up and ask for what you want, you will often get it.
  • Makes is easier to make new friends and be socially accepted.
  • Can help with forming new relationships.
  • Can make you more approachable and improve your conversational skills.
  • Can help move you forward in just about all social situations.

I have to say that I am not quite ready yet to shelf my public speaking binaural beats away. However I have definitely noticed a remarkable improvement in my ability to speak in social situations.

I have noticed that my hands haven’t been getting sweaty and my breathing stays quite regular. Also I have noticed that I am able to really think about what I want to say instead of just drawing a blank which has been a problem in the past when I would get nervous.

I have always thought that if you can conquer the fear of public speaking you will be so far ahead of the majority of people. I think it is an issue that is well worth working on and considering how easy it is to listen to a binaural beats download, it is well worth a shot.

The public speaking binaural beats can be found at The Unexplainable Store.

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