Binaural Beats Secrets for Increasing Energy


It might seem a little contradictory that binaural beats will not only help you to relax and be calm but will also give you a real energy boost. However time and time again this has been proven to be true and if you are in need of more energy, binaural beats are a great natural way to get some.

I am the type of person who NEEDS my sleep. Not just a little sleep but I need a full eight hours. If I don’t get it I will get run down and my energy will drop to the bottom of the barrel. I have always been that way and luckily my life is set up to where I can usually get the sleep I need (i.e. no kids, no school, I work from home).

Life can be Crazy

I have been using binaural beats for quite awhile now and I have often wondered how people do it that have kids at home, who are dealing with major family stresses, who have to get up at some insane hour of the morning with no outside tools to help them cope.

Well I have never had kids but I have had my share of stresses in life and I have had super early morning jobs. That is truly the worst feeling when you are lying in bed willing yourself to sleep because you know that the next day is going to be crazy busy and you need to at least have a little energy to spare.

How do Most People Cope?

From what I can tell many people seem to cope with coffee, drugs, sugar and running on nothing but pure exhaustion. This doesn’t make for a very healthy person and it certainly doesn’t make for a very healthy society.

We NEED energy. We need it to survive, we need it to function in a healthy manner and we need it for our own sanity.

If your energy dial is running extremely low for whatever reason, then it is time to look at some alternatives… besides the false energy boosters like caffeine, sugar and drugs that are really only doing your body harm.

Why Can’t People Just Relax?

One of the hardest things that people who are low on energy tend to be able to do is to relax! Yes this seems like another big contradiction.

The human mind can get so worked up with what has to be done that to sit and relax can be very difficult. Usually the mind chatter will drive you nuts and cause you to keep going until your body just gives out.

I believe that one of the biggest problems with our society is that many of us don’t feel that we can take the time out for ourselves and refuel our body and mind to a balanced state. Where did we ever get the idea that we have to do and take care of EVERYTHING? Man or women, we all have our stresses and without energy the days can seem pretty bleak.

Using Binaural Beats for an Energy Boost

The concept behind binaural beats is very simple. By working with the brain frequencies we can bring the mind into a very relaxed and subdued state in order to clear the head and bring the body back into the parasympathetic mode – as opposed to the sympathetic mode (fight or flight).

By relaxing the body, we essentially force ourselves to take time out and rejuvenate.

The results?

  • More sleep – as well as falling asleep much easier
  • A sense of calmness
  • Sharper focus
  • Increased concentration
  • A feeling of balance
  • Stronger immune system
  • and a HUGE boost in energy

You can get a binaural beats recording that is designed strictly for energy boost. They work, they have been proven to work and I can testify myself that they have made a big difference in my life.

When your mind won’t stop and your body needs to quit, plugging into a binaural beats audio (or monaural beats or isochronic tones) for 30 minutes a day will make a massive difference not only in your energy but also in your whole outlook on life.

You will find that you will actually get more done, far more efficiently than you ever have before and you will get rid of the anxiety and stress that tends to come with a complete lack of energy.

Please see our page on binaural beats for more information on how they can help with energy and also which products we recommend.

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