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Binaural Beats Theta can be used for experiencing deeper emotions, heightened creativity and a stronger spiritual connection. It is an excellent way to bring the body and mind into total relaxation and calmness and is a very popular form of brainwave entrainment.

There are many different brain entrainment products that are able to help us experience theta brainwaves on a regular basis as well as train the brain to be able to experience the benefits of the Theta state any time you choose.

Important things to Know about Theta Waves

  • Theta waves are the second slowest frequency of brain waves.
  • They typically have a frequency range of between 5 and 8 cycles per second (5Hz – 8 Hz).
  • Theta waves have a very high amplitude and typically will emerge when you are experiencing powerful emotions, have a strong spiritual experience or are in a highly creative state.
  • In the past Theta brain waves were mostly associated with early stages of sleep as well as the process of dreaming.
  • Today Theta waves are known to be associated with heightened states of creativity, deep relaxation, super learning, day-dreaming, as well as with sleep-dream activity.
  • Children will often have higher occurrences of theta brain wave frequencies.
  • People with ADD and ADHD have problems shifting out of the Theta state and consequently have real trouble focusing.

Understanding the Theta State

The benefits of using Binaural Beats Theta are numerous and as more and more people realize the positive effects of being in the Theta state they are turning to binaural beats for help.

  • Please see our recommended binaural beats for more information on high quality and effective Theta brainwave entrainment products.

Binaural beats and other forms of brainwave entrainment such as monaural beats and isochronic tones are able to easily help you to experience Theta waves within minutes.

What Happens while in the Theta State?

When the brain is in the Theta state the brain cells reset their sodium and potassium ratios.

Your brain sodium and potassium levels are involved in osmosis. This is the chemical process that transports chemicals in and out of your brain cells.

When most of us have been in the Beta state for a long period of time, the ratio between potassium and sodium gets out of balance. This is why you might experience “mental fatigue” and a real lack of focus and concentration.

This is why binaural beats theta is so extremely useful. If you can spend a brief period of about 5 to 15 minutes in the Theta state you can restore the potassium and sodium ratio to normal. Therefore you feel refreshed mentally, relaxed and far more focused.

Some people are able to tap into their Theta states far easier than others. For most of us it takes years of practice either with meditation, yoga or with some other relaxation technique.

Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment allow any person to experience the many positive effects of Theta brain waves easily, naturally and quickly.

Benefits of Experiencing Theta Brain Waves

  • Deep Relaxation – of body and mind
  • Heightened Creativity – great ideas will flow
  • Major Shifts in Consciousness – deep spiritual connections and altered mind states
  • Major Healing Benefits – the body heals much faster in the Theta state
  • Experience Deep Emotional Connections – with yourself and with others
  • Increased Confidence – stronger sense of freedom and confidence in yourself
  • Mental Refreshment – if you have been in the Beta state for too long, the mental refreshment of the Theta state can be extremely powerful and rewarding
  • Stronger Focus and Concentration
  • Stronger Intuition

Who is Often in the Theta State?

Children are very often in the Theta brain wave state. They tend to be much more open emotionally than adults. Consequently they are able to slip in and out of the Theta state with ease whereas it can take adults years of practice to achieve the Theta state on command if they do not have help.

Artists and very creative people are often in the Theta state. Those who have a heightened sense of creativity are often experiencing Theta waves. Also those who day-dream a lot are known to be experiencing the Theta state more than others.

People who have a very strong ability to focus and concentrate when needed may also be experiecing Theta frequencies.

Everyone is able to experience the benefits of Theta brain waves if they use binaural beats theta for a little help.

Using Binaural Beats Theta Waves

There are a few different Binaural Beats Theta products that we would recommend.  The products that use isochronic tones or use a combination of brainwave entrainment methods are most effective for experiencing Theta states.

Please see our recommended binaural beats for more information on the most effective Theta brainwave entrainment products available to start experiencing your best self and your most natural self today.

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