Products: High quality binaural beat CD’s titled:

  • World’s First Digital Drug (**Top Seller)
  • Ultra-Deep Meditation
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Headache Release
  • Einstein’s Mind
  • Power Siesta
  • Total Relaxation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • The Inventor

Length of Recordings: 60 minutes on average

Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee

Cost: $29.95 +


  • Unique binaural beat CD’s
  • Instant downloads
  • Easily accessible help center
  • Great guarantee
Quality of the Binaural Beat Recordings

What I think makes the products from this website so interesting is that they are part of the WCCL group which produces:

  • The world famous Subliminal Power software that is used by major business leaders and Olympic athlete winners.
  • The self-improvement DIY kit Subliminal-Studio as well as the Subliminal-Audio CD series.

Consequently the quality of the binaural beats produced here are really excellent. Their products have been created through much research and with the latest computer technology.  However they only use binaural beat recordings and have not yet advanced into monaural beats or isochronic tones like some other entrainment companies.

Each one of their CD’s contain vibrating tones. Some of them will contain a form of “white noise” (such as the sound of a circling helicopter). Other recordings contain a gentle rainfall backing track. From research I have learned that it is actually more effective with no “white noise” so I was a little disappointed to learn that some of their recordings do have this.

More about Binaural-Beats and their methods of Brainwave Entrainment is backed by industry guru Bradley Thompson. It is known as having excellent and very unique products. I think one of the biggest reasons for this website’s popularity is that they offer a CD called the ‘First Digital Drug’. It is very unique in what it does and has been their top seller.

I think has really put some great thought into the niche subjects that their products cover.

Final Thoughts on

I think that has some very unique and fun products. They are a reputable and safe website and their binaural beats audios are really good quality. I would especially highly recommend this website for their “First Digital Drug” CD.

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