Favorite Brainwave Audios

Brainwave audios are an extremely effective and all-natural way to tune your brain to specific frequencies in order to experience:

  • deep meditation
  • relaxation
  • sharper focus
  • improved health
  • as well as numerous altered mind states

The increase in popularity for brainwave audios is directly related to the overwhelming positive research that has been conducted and published. People from all over the world are using brainwave audios such as binaural beats and isochronic tones to make positive changes within their minds and their lives.

Top Source for Brainwave Audios

My friends and I get the majority of our brainwave audios from The Unexplainable Store. We love the fact that they have so many different audios to choose from and they are very affordable. They are created with really high quality technology and consequently are extremely effective.

Why do I Recommend these Brainwave Audios?

I began exploring binaural beats several years ago as a way to decrease stress, focus the mind and help to improve sleep.

I found them to be extremely effective and beneficial in my own life and have now learned that they can be used to experience all sorts of beneficial altered mind states quickly and easily.

In my research and from my own personal experience with brainwave audios I found the products from The Unexplainable Store to be my favourite. Their MP3 recordings and CD’s are extremely popular, highly affordable and very effective. They offer several different options to choose from and each will produce a very unique experience and positive result.

I recommended them to a few friends and now we all use them which has the added benefit that we can buy different ones and interchange them.

I use their recordings almost daily and find them to make a big difference in my overall state of mind and ability to cope with and manage my life.

Our Personal Favorites…

Although my friends and I now have quite a large collection of their different binaural beats and isochronic tones brainwave audios, some of our favorites to date are:

  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Sleep
  • Chakra Opening
  • Motivation
  • Headache Remedy
  • Meditation
  • DNA Stimulation
  • Find Love
  • Anxiety Aid
  • IQ Increase

Each recording is tuned to a specific frequency that will work directly with one particular mind state. They are a fantastic option if you are looking for some very specific results and to experience a very specific altered state of mind or health benefit.