Hemi-Sync Review

Hemi-Sync CD’s are Available At: Amazon.com


  • Large selection of binaural beat CD’s

Length of Recordings: Varies, but usually 50+ minutes

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cost: $10.00 +


  • Very large selection of different binaural beat CD’s
  • Lots of scientific research to back up their products
  • Affordable option for brainwave audios
  • They are one of the original brainwave entrainment pioneers
Quality of the Hemi-Sync Brainwave Entrainment CD’s

Hemi-Sync uses their own patented Hemi-Sync technology that has been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective. Their research has been tested and refined over a period of fifty years. Hemi Sync is part of the Monroe Institute which is one of the founding research institutes for binaural beats.

The technology used is excellent quality and they offer a fair amount of research and articles on the proven effectiveness of their products.

They use multilayered audio signals that work directly with the brainwaves in order to create all sorts of specific states of consciousness.

More about the Hemi-Sync CD’s

There is such a large variety of selection for Hemi-Sync audio CD’s that there is truly a CD that will work for every person out there no matter what result you desire the most. Some of the common results of their popular binaural beat recordings are:

  • The ability to reach deep meditative states easily and quickly
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Sharper focus and concentration
  • More creativity
  • Better sleep
  • A relaxed body and mind
  • and much more.

The Hemi-Sync binaural beat CD’s are some of the original binaural beat recordings. They are used all over the world and have a history and a reputation for providing great results.

Final Thoughts and the Hemi Sync CD’s

I think the Hemi Sync CD’s are certainly worth trying. Although they are part of the original brainwave entrainment movement I do believe that other companies are now offering higher quality recordings. That being said, they are still good and are available for some pretty low prices.

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