Bio Tuner to the Rescue


I did a review a while back on the Sota Bio Tuner. This is a nifty little device that transmits micro-energy pulses on the ears and brings the body into an overall state of balance.

I have been using my Bio Tuner for quite some time now since I did that review. I can say in all honesty that it is the most effective and powerful device I have ever used for relaxation and well being.

It has saved me from countless stressful moments, tension headaches, fight/flight mode (which I am prone to) and exhaustion.

It’s true that I use binaural beats recordings often and I have a lot of fun with them and feel real benefits. However the Sota Bio Tuner is in a league of its own and when I seriously need to chill out, it always does the job.

Bio-Tuning my Way to Relaxation and Sleep

I believe I mentioned in my original review that I have an issue with over-worrying and stress. It is something that seems to be engrained in me and I tend to spend a lot of time in my head which eventually leads to excessive worrying.

I don’t want to make myself sound too over the top but it is something I have struggled with. Consequently I slip into fight/flight mode fairly often – usually without even realizing it. Yep, that’s when you know you have a problem, when fight/flight just feels normal!

In order to keep myself calm and balanced I have adopted the routine of bio-tuning every morning and every evening before I go to bed.

Maintaining a State of Calm

Have you ever tried maintaining a state of calm in a stressful situation? Granted some people are pros at but for the rest of us we have to work really hard at it.

That is where the Bio Tuner really shines. Clip it onto your ear lobes and sit for 20 minutes while it does its job. Afterwards you will feel relaxed, calm and totally in control.

There is nothing else like it… at least not that I have found. It is powerful and effective and comes to my rescue every time.

Using it before going to bed at night ensures that I get a good nights sleep. If you ever find yourself laying there awake with a million thoughts going through your head, a bio tuning session will put you to sleep pretty darn quick.

How Does it Work?

Well I won’t get too detailed about how it works because it is already explained in the Bio Tuner review.

These are the basics…

It uses CES technology which stimulates the hypothalamic region of the brain with specific electronic frequencies. This brings the hypothalamus to a state of homeostasis. This in turn makes the brain manufacture neurohormones that can positively affect your mood, your emotions, your cognitive abilities, your blood pressure, your body temperature and even your body weight.

Overall it is well worth using and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone looking for overall balance, heath and well being.

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