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Listening to audios that produce different kinds of beats is great but sometimes it can be equally as great to create your own. Drumming can be an effective way to relax, tune out, be creative and lose yourself in the music.

One very popular style of drumming is the bongo drums. Bongo drums which are most often played by hand are very popular in afro-cuban music and can be easily learned by any person of any age. I have recently viewed a great instructional DVD called “The Art of Bongo Drumming” by Trevor Salloum that covers everything you need to know about learning to play the bongo drums.

The Art of Bongo Drumming

The Art of Bongo Drumming was created in order to complement Trevor’s three best selling instructional bongo drumming books titled:

  1. Fun With Bongos
  2. The Bongo Book
  3. Bongo Drumming Beyond the Basics

Trevor  has performed internationally for over 25 years and has studied with some of the great Cuban masters including Changuito, Enrique Pla, Roberto, Vizcaino, Cutumba and Los Munequitos de Matanzas.

The Art of Bongo Drumming is his first DVD and is packed with great information on the history of the bongos, what you need to know when buying a set of drums as well as informative chapters on construction, tuning and maintenance.

From there Trevor explains the hand positions and the basic strokes that are used in different rhythms such as:

  • martillo
  • bolero
  • jazz
  • rock
  • samba
  • old time signatures
  • brazillian music
  • bossa nova

There is also a special feature that includes rare footage of the great Armando Peraza who is a latin jazz percussionist well known for his associations with jazz pianist George Shearing, vibraphonist Cal Tjader and guitarist Carlos Santana.

This DVD is 54 minutes long and is suitable for all levels. For a beginner such as myself I found the pace to be excellent and the instructions to be clear. I would recommend watching the DVD from start to finish first and then going back and working on the different strokes to master each one.

This is a great educational tool for any person who wants to learn and know more about the art of bongo drumming for fun as well as for educational purposes.

For more information on this DVD and how to learn to play the bongo drums visit – The Art of Bongo Drumming.

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