Use Brainwave Audios to Help Gain Courage


As I write this it is the first day of 2011, the start of a brand new year. I was listening to my brainwave audios, relaxing and doing a little meditation all the while reflecting on the events of the last year… what I had done, how I had grown, mistakes I had made. I want to move forward with a fresh start this year and I realized how much courage is necessary for me to do that.

So often we get stuck in a safe space where we might want to make changes but at the same time we fear them. Taking action to make change in all areas of your life takes a whole lot of courage and it is not easy for anyone.

Courage is a learned trait and it must be practiced. Brainwave audios such as binaural beats are an ideal tool to help you gain courage to improve your life in whichever way needed.

How Can Binaural Beats Help with Courage?

Binaural beats are a safe and effective way to work directly with your brainwave frequencies in order to bypass the conscious mind and work directly with your subconscious. They allow you to experience very low frequency states that would normally have only been possible with a lot of meditation or yoga practice. In this way you are able to program your brain to experience the exact right frequency for a high amount of courage and strength.

This works by listening to a very specific brainwave entrainment recording that brings you to a low Alpha frequency state in order to remove the habit of living in fear. Fear of course is another learned behaviour and it can very easily become habitual.

Fear is completely within your mind and as the majority of us know when fear takes over, the mind is very hard to control. That is where the brainwave audios come in.

How to Use Binaural Beats for Best Results

This specific courage binaural beats audio works best if you listen to it just before going to sleep. It will bring you to a low Alpha frequency state where it will work with the part of your mind that overcomes fear. It helps to visualize how you want to be and actually see yourself taking courageous action. See yourself conquering your fears. This combined with the low frequency experience will help you to take control and feel the strength needed to boost your self esteem and improve your life.

How Can More Courage Benefit You?

Courage can literally benefit every aspect of your life. It can help you to:

  • speak easier to people
  • conquer difficult situations
  • help you make an important decision
  • help you feel better about yourself
  • give you the strength needed to move forward
  • cause you to feel happier
  • help you move forward with your career
  • help you to live the life you truly want

In short courage will help you to do all the things that fear is keeping you from doing. You can spend a lifetime working on gaining courage and strength but the easiest way I know of to get some fast courage is with the help of binaural beats.

The courage binaural beats recording is available in mp3 download at The Unexplainable Store.

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