Creativity is at the Base of All Change


For anyone who is looking to explore self-development or who is already researching ways to make improvements in their life I believe that it all has to start with a base of creativity.

Creativity may not seem like that interesting of a topic, however, if we really take a look at what creativity can accomplish it becomes obvious that it is necessary in order to make any positive changes in our lives.

Creativity is Always the First Step

Often we see creativity as simply an inspiration to create artwork or things of beauty. The truth is that creativity is at the base of all of humanity.

We all possess creative abilities. We are able to create:

  • our present
  • our future
  • our skills
  • our careers
  • our financial status
  • as well as just about every other aspect of our life.

Creativity is so much more than an artistic ability. It is the basis of our reality and allows us to make changes for the better.

Everything requires creativity. Without it there is no advancement, no inventions and no imagination. We all know that we are all capable of having vivid imaginations and thought processes. The trick is to keep yourself imagining positive scenarios in order to be able to create them into your reality.

Most things that happen in our life are created in our mind first. We created the thought and the image in order to create it into reality. No matter how you look at it, creativity is always the first step.

How do we Create the Right Situations?

The steps to creating the right situations, whatever they may be, are so basic and simple that they are often overlooked.

Seeing positive results and achieving positive change in your life must start with the creative thought. Having the simple thought of what you want to create, change or accomplish is the key. Keeping that thought positive even in the face of self-doubt, frustration and panic is the hard part.

The fact that we have been given this gift of creativity is awesome, and that it comes with unlimited possibilities is extremely exciting. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life I urge you to focus first on creativity.

Spend time everyday focusing on what you want to create. Make creativity your number one focus as it will be the base of anything you want to accomplish.

Remember these steps:

  • Focus on creativity
  • Think about what you want to create and imagine it in your head. Create the feeling, the picture, the steps that need to be taken to accomplish your goal.
  • Now take action

If we skip the first part and skip straight to action we are often left with frustration and failure which is then followed by self-doubt. This can then become a vicious cycle that is hard to stop.

Taking the time to focus on what you want to create and putting your powers of creativity to good use allows you to take the right steps to create the right situations. The steps to take are simple enough though the process tends to take a lot of work. However if you skip the baby steps then the chances of success are greatly diminished. Remember that creativity is the key!

Not Sure how to Start?

There are some excellent brainwave entrainment selections that can greatly help with creativity and getting into the right state of mind. Using binaural beats and other forms of brainwave entrainment can help to program our brain to the right frequency for creation and manifestation.

Please check out our binaural beats page for more information as well as where to find quality MP3’s or CD’s specifically for creativity.

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