Experience Gamma Brain Waves with Gamma Binaural Beats


Gamma brain waves have the fastest brainwave frequency of the 5 brain waves. They are not discussed as much as the other four brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta) but they are equally as important.

There are many positive benefits to experiencing gamma brain waves and an excellent way to be able to experience them on command is with gamma binaural beats.

About Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma brain waves oscillate between 40 Hz and 70 Hz. They are the fastest documented brainwave frequency that a person can experience and are associated with peak performance and high cognitive functioning.

Interesting facts about Gamma Brain Waves

  • Sir Francis Crick, a Nobel prize winning scientist, believes that the 40 Hz frequency may be the key to the act of cognition.
  • Gamma brain waves have the smallest amplitude on an EEG (as compared to the other four brainwave frequencies).
  • They are considered the brainwave that is able to link and process information from all parts of the brain.

Gamma brain waves have been linked to:

  • Having a great memory
  • Having high levels of intelligence
  • Having great feelings of natural happiness
  • Having strong feelings and being very compassionate
  • Having high amounts of self-control

Those who lack in Gamma brain waves tend to experience:

  • Difficulties with learning and mental processing
Why Use Gamma Binaural Beats?

If you have a desire to experience a higher level of intelligence, a strong mental processing speed as well as a rich-sensory experience then using Gamma Binaural Beats to increase your Gamma Brain Waves is a good way to go.

Benefit to using Gamma binaural beats…

The benefit to using Gamma binaural beats is that they work quickly. It can be extremely difficult for a person to tap into their brain waves and increase the frequency themself. Sometimes through years of meditation practice this may be possible however for most of us we need a little help.  

Binaural beats are a quick and efficient tool to help you achieve the benefits that Gamma waves offer.

Binaural beats are completely safe and a great all-natural alternative to working with your brain frequencies. By listening to them through headphones you can actually manipulate your brain waves and allow yourself to experience any brain frequency that you desire.

Years of research have shown…

Through studies over the years people have reported that when their Gamma Brain Waves increase they are able to learn quicker, maintain razor sharp focus as well as increase their I.Q. scores.

There seems to be a correlation with higher amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity and increased brain functioning ability.

Tapping into this heightened mental alertness and intelligence has never been easier than it is today with Gamma Brainwave Entrainment technology.

By using Gamma Binaural Beats you are able to retrain your brain to access other states of awareness that Gamma Waves can produce. This is a fantastic skill to learn and the benefits and positive experiences that can be achieved with it are awesome.

How can Gamma Brain Waves Benefit You?

There are quite a few benefits to experiencing Gamma brain waves and those who naturally have higher amounts of Gamma waves are extremely lucky.

Some common benefits of Gamma brain wave frequencies are:

  1. Improved memory in everyday life
  2. Ability to vividly recall past experiences
  3. A boost in your perception of reality through your five senses – powerful smells, better vision, heightened hearing, stronger tastes
  4. The ability to combine a memory with your five senses – recalling a memorable day or night will allow you to experience a very rich sensory memory as a result of Gamma Brain Waves
  5. Ability to process large amounts of information in a fairly small amount of time
  6. A stronger feeling of internal happiness
  7. Higher compassion for others

Who Should Use Gamma Binaural Beats?

Those who would benefit from an increase in their Gamma brain wave frequencies with Gamma binaural beats are:

  • Those who are currently having difficulty remembering information like dates, names or events.
  • Those who feel their mental processing may be a little slow.
  • Those who feel their five senses may not be working as they should and would like to experience a far richer sensory processing experience.
  • Those who are suffering from feelings of depression and unhappiness.

If you are still unsure about Gamma brain waves think of it like this:

Getting an increase in Gamma Brain Wave activity is like getting a processor upgrade for your computer. Your brain will work that much faster, stronger and clearer with an increase in Gamma frequencies.

If you suffer from any type of depression it is important to know that people suffering from clinical depression tend to have lower than average amounts of Gamma Brain Waves. Therefore using Gamma Binaural Beats to boost your Gamma Brain Waves can act like a powerful antidepressant… a brainwave antidepressant!

In Summary…

If you are at the peak of your game mentally, athletically, emotionally or even spiritually then you may already be experiencing high levels of Gamma brain waves.

If however you would love to see some major improvements in your motivation, your ability to learn quickly, your mental focus as well as with your sensory activity then I would highly recommend using Gamma Binaural Beats to increase your Gamma Brain Wave activity.

To find high quality and effective binaural audios for Gamma brain waves see our recommended binaural beats and learn how to naturally increase your brain activity for higher cognitive function.

We most often use the brainwave audio’s from The Unexplainable Store.  Specifically for Gamma brainwave benefits we have found their ‘Memroy Enhancer’ as well as their ‘Motivation’ package to be excellent.

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