How Can We All Experience ESP & Psychic Abilities?


Having some type of extra natural power should no longer be looked at as eerie or magical. Today, though it may still be mysterious, there are researches and studies that prove that it is quite possible and feasible for the human brain to understand and know a lot of things that are above the normal limits.

Science and technology don’t give you all the answers and there are still certain themes and concepts that defy the common laws of logic and reasoning.

That is why there are still certain unexplored and unexplained facts that we see in our day to day life that is apart from our reasoning abilities.

Extra Sensory Perception

ESP or extra sensory perception is one such common phenomenon that has been accepted worldwide as a special power that certain human beings do possess. This is not a phenomenon that many people understand but below is a common explanation that may help make sense of it.

People who possess ESP capabilities are able to get their brains and their mind function at an extreme frequency that most people are not able to achieve and this in turns helps them to understand and see things that we are normally unable to.

In otherwords these special abilities lie in the efficacy of the process and the skill of the person to tune their brains to read the messages that are floating around that the normal public cannot comprehend. Also important is the ability to hold your brain in the same frequency level for long intervals whereby the message transaction is complete and comprehensive.

It All Comes Down to Stimulating Two Parts of the Brain

It is very possible to experience ESP and to train your brain to experience it at a deeper level for longer periods of time. Science has shown that experiencing paranormal abilities may have to do with what frequencies your brain is experiencing.

  • It has been shown that all psychic activity is linked to the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.

There is a certain brainwave entrainment product that will enhance the activity in these two regions that can result in a noticeable increase in psychic abilities. With regular use of the binaural beats the psychic powers can grow over time and you will get stronger and stronger capabilities. By controlling which brain frequency you experience you can literally tap right into your natural psychic state and feel and know things you never thought possible.

As you can see ESP is not some magic super power. It is simply a matter of being able to tap into the right frequencies. It may take a little patience and a little time but with binaural beats it is possible to experience supernatural abilities in a fairly short period of time.

In My Opinion…

I have yet to try the binaural beats for ESP and psychic energy. Though psychic energy is still fairly mysterious, having a clearer understanding that the brain does have a major influence in what I am able to feel and understand I can see how brainwave entrainment would be a huge asset to anyone wanting to experience psychic abilities.

I have dabbled with psychic energy most of my life and am fascinated with what the brain is able to do. I can understand how the binaural beats and other forms of brainwave entrainment could make a huge difference in developing psychic energy and I will be trying them specifically for this fairly soon.

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