How to Improve Cognition with Brainwave Entrainment


For years many people believed that ones cognitive abilities were essentially set at birth and as such were unchangeable. In recent years however there has been a lot of research and study on the different factors that can affect cognition and how it can be improved.

Still to this day many people have a hard time believing that mental abilities can change and ones IQ can improve. However as we will see below, it is not only possible but easily accomplished as well… especially with the use of brainwave entrainment.

Factors that can Affect Cognition

Is your brain working a little slower than you would like??

Recent studies have shown that there are many factors that can affect cognition including:

  • psychological barriers
  • limiting beliefs
  • confidence
  • depression
  • mood disorders
  • anxiety

Research has found that each of these factors can play a major role in intelligence. By working with these factors people’s IQ have actually shown to rise.

For example:

If we are able to remove any psychological barriers that we have and get rid of any limiting beliefs that have been engrained in us then our confidence may increase and our IQ will likely rise. These barriers and limitations can essentially block our cognitive capabilities from reaching their full potential. You may be experiencing only a small fraction of your own intelligence.

Why do these Blockages Affect the Brain?

It may be hard to believe that your own mental limitations are related to your own psychological limitations. However studies have shown that when confronted with a problem, the brain will work less. It will switch gears and work with frustration and emotion instead of working with logic.

Some people have learned to “tune out” the patterns of emotional instability and keep the brain focused on logic. These people will tend to have a higher cognitive function, greater concentration and sharper focus than those who get stuck in the frustration mode.

Everyone has some type of psychological barrier as well as some type of limiting belief system. The trick is to either work at correcting these or learn how to bypass them. The best thing of course is to do a little of both.

Train your Brain with Brainwave Entrainment

Is it even possible to train the brain? Yes, research has proven that it is absolutely possible to not only work with the brain to temporarily increase your cognitive abilities but also to train the brain for an increase in mental capabilities that is long-term and permanent.

I have never heard of any studies that show that it is possible for the brain to reach its maximum potential. However, imagine your brain working just a little bit better, a little bit sharper and far more efficiently. How would this improve your life?

  1. You would learn faster and easier
  2. You would retain more information
  3. You would be able to focus better when you really need to
  4. Your concentration would be greatly improved
  5. Your career would likely flourish
  6. Your confidence would increase greatly

All of these benefits could potentially result in making more money while putting in less effort as well as improved relationships and a more balanced and harmonious life.

Brainwave entrainment is very simple to use and the effects can be felt fairly quickly. This easy method of working with your brainwave frequencies can help to train the brain to work at a far more efficient level.

How does Brainwave Entrainment Work?

Brainwave entrainment products will stimulate certain brainwave patterns that are conducive to higher learning. It can optimize the brainwave patterns to be able to produce the results desired including many different altered states of mind as well as an increase in brain function.

Research on Brainwave Entrainment

A lot of the research is published in science journals and due to copyright restrictions I cannot place downloadable links here on our website. However if you would like to do a little Google searching you may find a study or two.  To find the best literature however you will need to look it up in library journals.

Below are a few examples of brainwave entrainment research. These examples were taken directly from

  • In a 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D worked with 8 struggling college students. After undergoing audio-visual brainwave stimulation, the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA. GPA for the 8 students continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued!
  • Psychologist Michael Joyce used brainwave entrainment with a group of 30 children. He observed improvements in reading and half year advancement in grade level as well as substantial improvements in attention, reaction and a reduction in impulsivity and variability.
  • Harold Russel Ph.D. and John Carter, Ph.D., of the University of Houston, did several studies in which they used brainwave entrainment to treat ADHD and other learning disorders, testing their IQ before and after treatment. Astonishingly, after treatment the subjects showed a 5 to 7 point increases in IQ score.
  • Michael Tansey used a similar protocol to treat dyslexia and other learning disorders, reporting a 19 point average increase in IQ score post-treatment.
  • Drs. Siegfried and Susan Othmer found that neurofeedback brainwave training in the 15-18 Hz range can produce significant shifts in IQ score, particularly with people who are suffering from ADD/ADHD and other disorders. In cases where the starting IQ value is less than 100, the average IQ increase was 33 points! They also found significant improvements in memory, reading and arithmetic. In a one year follow-up, trainees showed major improvements in self-esteem, concentration and self-expression.

Conclusion on Improving Cognition with Brainwave Entrainment

One thing that is for sure is that it is possible to improve ones intelligence… it is not set in stone. Lack of confidence and motivation as well as low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, anxiety and mood disorders can all negatively affect cognition.

When your mental capabilities are bogged down with emotional problems the brain has a hard time keeping up with what you may be expecting or hoping it to do. It may be working less when you really need it to be working a whole lot more.

Brainwave entrainment uses multiple methods of stimulating the brainwaves in order to have a positive effect on your cognitive abilities. Consequently you may see a rise in your IQ as well as have a far more efficient brain. What that means is that your brain will work at its best when you really need it to.

Please see our binaural beats page for much more information as well as where to find quality brainwave entrainment products such as binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones.

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