Immune System Boost with Brainwave Audios


I have learned over the years how important it is to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

A weak immune system can affect everything in your life as it will make you weak, sick and possibly stressed out.

Imagine if you could listen to a finely tuned brainwave audio to give your immune system a boost anytime you need it.

The Unexplainable Store has come out with a brand new, very specialized brainwave audio that has been shown to strengthen your immune system. This audio is 25 minutes long and can be listened to any time you feel you need a boost and it is also ideal for listening to while you sleep.

How Does the Immune System Brainwave Audios Work?

Their immune system brainwave recording uses very specific Delta frequencies that are below 3 Hz. This specific range of Delta waves has been shown to help strengthen the immune system.

How Important is a Strong Immune System?

Ask anyone who has ever had to work really hard at keeping their immune system strong and they will tell you that a strong immune system is everything! It is completely vital to the health of your body and in my opinion to your mind as well.

Your immune system could get weak because of:

  • stress
  • environmental pollutants
  • depression
  • genetics
  • an unhealthy lifestyle
  • and lots of other factors

Your immune system is your defense against all the negative that the world can throw at you. It blocks and kills all things that can make you sick. Without it you are leaving yourself weak and defenseless to any pathogens, bacteria or germs.

If you can keep your immune system strong you will:

  • rarely get sick
  • have more energy
  • sleep better
  • feel stronger and more positive

How to Use the Brainwave Audios

The brainwave audios from the Unexplainable Store can be downloaded instantly and listened to everyday if you wish. You will have the choice of choosing between a binaural beats package or an isochronic tones package.

The binaural beats are the most common type of brainwave audios and although work really well they do not provide the same accuracy as the isochronic tones. Consequently you will notice that the isochronic tones cost a little bit more. If you can afford the little bit extra I would highly recommend the isochronic tones as they not only work better but work faster as well.

Of course you want to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to keep your immune system strong but no matter how diligent we are I think most of us definitely have times in our life when an immune system boost is really needed.

Ideal for Busy People and for Those who Travel

Immune System Brainwave Audio

Immune System

I think this brainwave recording is ideal for very busy people as well as for traveling.

I don’t know about you but I almost always get sick at the end of a trip… likely due to exhaustion, airplane travel and eating different foods. This recording is ideal for keeping you strong during any type of life circumstance.

Listen to the Immune System brainwave audio and bring yourself into the very low Delta state in order to strengthen your immune system right away. It will make a difference right away but if you can listen to it daily (or nightly) you could find a big difference in how healthy you feel.

To find out more about the different types of brainwave audios see our Unexplainable Store Review.

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