Important Tips for Using Binaural Beats


If you are currently using a binaural beats audio recording or are thinking about using a type of brainwave entrainment product it is worth knowing how to get the most out of your binaural beats.

In other words if you are going to use them, you may as well be getting as much benefit as possible from them.

There is no set of rules for listening to binaural beats but I have discovered through my own experience that there are a few things you can do in order to ensure that you are getting the best results possible.

Follow the guidelines below and you will find any good quality binaural beats MP3 or CD to be of great benefit.

How to Get the Most out of your Binaural Beats

  1. The number one most important tip I can give with regards to using binaural beats is to listen to them when you will not be disturbed. It doesn’t matter if anyone else is in the room with you but the point is to make sure you will not be disturbed for the entire length of the binaural audio.

    I have found that if other people interrupt me and want to speak with me while I am listening to my binaural beats, the effects are not as prominent. It is almost as though the focus gets broken and my conscious mind takes over again.

    If you have ever used a type of brainwave entrainment product before you will understand the importance of being able to put the conscious mind aside so that you are able to work directly with the subconscious mind.
  2. The next thing I would suggest is to turn off all electronics (except for the device you are using to listen to them). That means no television, no radio, no computer, no telephone, etc. All of these things will hinder your ability to relax and tune into the subconscious mind.Use your binaural beats time as a time for quiet, relaxation and no outside distractions or influences.
  3. When you listen to your brainwave recording close your eyes. Once again this has to do with shutting out the outside world. When our eyes are open we are continually using the conscious mind to take in our surroundings and this can make it very difficult to stop the mind chatter. If you can listen to your binaural beats with eyes closed your results will be far greater.
  4. Keep an open mind. If you are used to meditation you will likely have some awareness of connecting within. However, if this is a new concept for you it is important that you keep an open mind and simply go with the flow.

    You will likely experience new feelings, thoughts and even new realities. If you can simply go with it and allow your experience to unfold you will find that you will get much more out of your binaural beats.

    It is important to stay out of the conscious mind and if you are resisting working with the subconscious the entire time you are listening to the binaural audio you likely won’t have very good effects and consequently not achieve your desired results.

    Even if you are finding it difficult at first, I would highly recommend sticking with it. Practice will allow you to fine tune these skills and eventually you will be able to relax, tune out and achieve the full effects that binaural beats can offer.
  5. Allow yourself enough time to relax for a little while after you are finished your session. I am often groggy afterwards and often will fall asleep when my recording is finished. Of course you do not have to sleep afterwards but it is nice to give yourself the time needed to digest your experience and come back to your current reality.

Common Sense = Better Results

Most of these tips are common sense but when I first began listening to my binaural beats I did not always follow these steps. Sometimes I wanted the benefits but really didn’t allow for the time or focus needed to really get the proper results.

** As a final tip I would just like to say that if you do not feel your binaural beats are working for you then listen to them again… one right after the other. Sometimes if I am really stressed out or out of balance it takes me a good two sessions to get to where I need to be. At this point however I usually finish feeling like I am floating on air.

The point is not to give up… give them a chance to work for you because the benefits are worth it!

To find high quality yet affordable brainwave audios please see our Binaural Beats page for recommendations, tips and advice.

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