Learn to Use Telepathy with Binaural Beats


How can binaural beats help with telepathy? The answer is actually very simple but first let’s look at what telepathy is.

Telepathy is the process of being able to understand another person’s thoughts without verbal communication. It is when you are able to transmit and read thoughts without direct communication.

Scientists reason that in order to know what another person is thinking we must share the same frequency levels with them. Binaural beats allow us to control our brain frequency levels simply and safely. Consequently we can also use binaural beats to enhance our telepathy abilities.

Do you Want to Know what Others are Thinking?

Some people may say yes, others may not want to know. However, there are some definite advantages to knowing another’s thought process without verbal communication.

It has been said that we all have the ability for telepathy and many of you may have experienced it at some point in your life.

I have noticed myself an increase in telepathy when I am extremely connected with the person whose thoughts I am able to understand. I couldn’t explain exactly how this works, but I do know it to be true.

How to Experience Telepathy

In order to experience telepathy the mind must be extremely relaxed. It also must be quite clear. It makes sense that we would not be able to tap into another persons thought process if our mind is all mumble-jumbled with a million thoughts of our own. With a cluttered mind, if you were by chance able to experience telepathy, you would likely miss the signals. It is very important for the mind to be clear.

Scientists have proven that telepathy only works within certain frequency ranges… in particular the Alpha brain wave state. Therefore when using binaural beats it is really important to be listening to a recording that is programmed with the exact right frequency range for telepathy.

How do the binaural beats work?

  • The binaural beats will stimulate the brain so that it reaches a completely relaxed state. Then they will help the brain to create the exact low frequency state that is necessary for telepathy.
  • You can actually listen to a telepathy binaural beats recording for a short time each day in order to train the mind to easily reach an Alpha frequency state. By doing this you will be able to practice your telepathy abilities naturally at any time you want.

Science has proven that when subjects were put into an Alpha and Theta frequency state they were able to transmit and read thoughts much more easily than when they were in a normal mind state. The shift in consciousness caused a notable increase in telepathic skills.

Imagine the possibilities of being able to communicate with others without the use of direct communication! It is a fantastic skill to work on and with proper training can be extremely beneficial in ones life.

Where to get Binaural Beats for Telepathy

There is one place that offers a specific recording for telepathy and that is the Unexplainable Store. They have a telepathy audio that can be downloaded in MP3 format or on a  CD for an extremely affordable price in either binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones. All three of those forms of brainwave entrainment will work but the isochronic tones tend to work faster and more efficiently.

Visit the Unexplainable Store and start learning to read minds as soon as today!  If you want more information please read our page on binaural beats.

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