Find the Love Frequency with Binaural Beats


Whether you want to find love, be loved, or love yourself more, binaural beats are an excellent way to tune the brain to the exact right frequency for accomplishing all of these things.

It has been shown that like attracts like and energy attracts energy. Therefore in order to attract more love into your life it is important to work with your mind and transmit the right brainwave frequencies for love.

How Do Love Binaural Beats Work?

The love binaural beats brainwave audio is tuned to a very low Theta frequency. Experiencing this low frequency state has been proven to help reduce:

  • fear
  • dizziness
  • and absent-mindedness

So in other words it helps your head to be clear.

Once you have a clear head and you are now working with your subconscious as opposed to your conscious mind the recording takes you to an extremely low 2 Hz frequency range within the Alpha state. This state helps program your brain with many self-improving qualities that will make you feel good about yourself and emit positive energy.

Basically this brainwave recording helps you to feel more confident, happy and strong. It sounds basic, but it is in truth extremely powerful. When your brain is programmed to this state you will find that you will only attract positive and loving energy back to you.

The love binaural beats work not only to help attract a mate but also to attract positive friends and it is of great help with self-love as well. As it has been said many times, if you love yourself you will attract love back to you.

Use the Binaural Beats to Clear Negative Belief Systems

The tag line for the last ten years has been that your thoughts create your actions and what you think you will attract.

I have spent years working on my thought patterns and trying to clear negative belief systems that have been stored within my mind for decades. This is a lot of work and certainly not easy to do.

The good thing about binaural beats is that they allow an easy bypass of the conscious mind, which is normally what stands in your way. They allow you to skip the mumbo jumbo negativity and go directly to the good stuff.

It is simply a matter of experiencing the right brain frequencies. For this reason binaural beats brainwave audios are ideal for quick and lasting results.

It is very difficult to reach these low frequency states on your own unless you have dedicated many hours to meditation practice. With a good quality brainwave audio you can accomplish this mind state within a very short period of time.

For more information on the many different types of brainwave audios see our review of The Unexplainable Store which is our favourite source for binaural beats MP3 downloads and CD’s.

Or go straight to the Find Love Binaural Beats and start attracting love and positive energy into your life right away.

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