Top Advantages of Using a Meditation MP3


I enjoy meditation and have been using it as a means to relax, tune-in, connect to the universe and heal for many years.

For the last two years I have been using a meditation mp3 to help me accomplish deep meditation and experience the benefits at a deeper level.

Anyone who has tried meditation likely knows three things:

  1. It is very beneficial for your health and well being
  2. It can take a lot of practice to get good at it
  3. It can sometimes be very frustrating to try and keep focused and tuned inwards

Using a helpful tool such as a specific meditation mp3 can be very useful in helping to experience deep meditation levels that you may not have achieved otherwise.

I had gotten quite good at meditation and although I really enjoyed the benefits of it I was not always so consistent with taking the time to do it.

I found that when I was able to keep my focus and tune out of the conscious mind I could really have some great meditation sessions and experience some good results.

However I often didn’t feel like taking the time needed to focus myself and consequently would end my meditation early without having a true session.

Using a Good Meditation MP3 or CD

I decided that I needed help in keeping my brain focused on where I wanted it to be. The best way I found was through the use of a meditation mp3 or CD. There are lots of different meditation recordings to choose from.

I personally use the binaural beats and isochronic tones meditation mp3 from The Unexplainable Store as I have found it to work really well in keeping my brain at the right frequency level for deep meditation and focus.

Top Benefits

After using my binaural beats meditation mp3 for the very first time I was pleasantly surprised at how good of a meditation session I had. I very quickly slipped into a meditation state and found myself feeling like I was falling from my body until suddenly I felt larger than my body itself. Almost as though my energy/spirit could not be contained within my body and it filled the entire room (that is the best way I can describe it). I meditated for a full 20 minutes before I grounded myself back to reality.

After that first time, my meditation sessions got a little longer and each time I felt I went deeper. I would say these are the top benefits I received from using a meditation mp3:

  • Almost instant focus
  • They take you out of your conscious mind and into the subconscious mind
  • A feeling of floating or escaping the body (which to me was indeed a benefit as it felt so wonderful)
  • The possibility of longer meditation sessions
  • Short meditation sessions are more intense and focused
  • More can be accomplished with the use of a meditation MP3… for example if I were focusing on healing, or past life regression, or simply connecting with spirit these could all be easily achieved while I was “tuned-in”

Basically when I use my meditation binaural beats I am guaranteed a good intense meditation session. Whereas if I don’t use it I may or may not be able to focus properly and reach the deep meditation levels that I want.

Train your Brain as an Added Bonus

I have used my isochronic tones meditation mp3 quite regularly over the last couple of years. I have begun to notice however that I am able to reach deep meditative states easier now than I ever was able to before.

I believe that with regular use of my meditation mp3 my brain became “trained” to focus better and tune in to the right frequency for deep meditation without the use of any tool for help.

This is such an added bonus for me and although I will continue to use my meditation recordings if I feel I need them, I am thrilled that my brain was able to adapt and find the right meditation frequency on its own as well. This is such an added bonus and now I am wondering how much more my brain could do and achieve with a little more training and help!

The benefits of achieving deep meditation on a regular basis are so numerous and I don’t think anyone would argue that meditation is anything but good for you.

For anyone who would like a little help with their meditation or perhaps are interested in reaching deeper meditative states then I would suggest trying a good quality meditation mp3 or CD.

Which Meditation MP3 to Use

The binaural beats and isochronic tones meditation mp3 from the The Unexplainable Store has been really successful for me and well worth using. I like it because it doesn’t just use soothing sounds, but it actually tunes the brain to the right frequency for meditation which creates a far deeper and beneficial meditative state.

Try a meditation mp3 for yourself and experience faster meditation, deep meditative states and all of the benefits that go along with regular meditation practice.

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