5 Meditation Techniques with Binaural Beats


Meditation is practiced worldwide by people from all walks of life and from people with many different spiritual beliefs. It is universally known as an effective method to relax the body, clear the mind, find inner peace and connect to a universal source.

There are many different levels of meditation that can be achieved with practice and dedication. As you reach higher levels it is possible to have spiritual awakenings, reach enlightenment and to fully realize who you are and what your purpose it on this Earth.

Binaural beats have long been used in combination with meditation because of their ability to help bypass the conscious mind and allow the brain to experience the right brainwave frequencies for deep levels of meditation and healing.

There are many different types of meditation practice and binaural beats can be used with each type. Each person will resonate with a different type of practice – one that suits their lifestyle and purpose.

Below are 5 meditation techniques that can transform your life:

1. Walking Meditation – Walking meditation is great for anyone who has trouble sitting still for longer periods of time. It combines physical exercise with mind conditioning that is extremely effective in relieving stress.

A walking meditation is typically done quite slow and there are certain patterns to follow in order for it to be effective. The best method is to follow a circular path or a track and to walk slowly. This will allow your mind to rest. If there are any distractions along your way it is okay to acknowledge them and then just continue on. You can do a walking meditation anywhere from fifteen minutes up to as long as you like.

2. Candle Meditation – Candle meditation is personally one of my favourite types. Something about focusing on a flickering candle totally relaxes my mind. With this type of meditation you will light a candle preferable somewhere where you can sit quietly and be alone.

Then focus on the flame for anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours. The focus of this meditation is to try and block everything else out except for the flickering flame. With practice this type of meditation can leave you feeling peaceful and content.

3. Prayer – Prayer meditation is the most common form used around the world. You do not need to go to a church in order to do prayer meditation. For this to be effective you simply need to sit quietly and relax. When you feel comfortable and at ease then begin to ask the universe for whatever want. This is a great time to give thanks, ask for guidance or simply to speak your heart.

4. Mirror Gazing – Mirror gazing might sound silly but it is a great technique to really contemplate your life and who you are. Place a chair in front of a mirror where you can be alone. Stare at yourself in the mirror until you feel comfortable and at ease. Then begin to ask yourself what you can do to make your life better as well as to make you a better person. Look into your own eyes and be aware of who you are and how your life as progressed.

This process can be quite intimidating and sometimes scary for people. However if you push through the fear it is an excellent way to be honest with yourself and reach new levels of enlightenment.

5. Focus on an Inspiring Quote or Affirmation – This is an awesome method that works especially well with binaural beats. By sitting quietly, listening to your binaural beats and focusing on a quote that inspires you or an affirmation that resonates with you, you will find your energy and vibration change to a new positive level.

When you radiate positive energy you attract positive energy within your life. Focusing on an inspiring quote or affirmation daily sounds simplistic but can help make drastic changes in your life for the better.

If you are having trouble with any of these meditation techniques just remember that patience and perseverance will reward you with good results. With practice and dedication you can achieve great things with meditation practice including improved health, less stress, and spiritual enlightenment

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