Methods of Brainwave Entrainment


Brainwave entrainment has been around for some time but is only beginning to gain mainstream popularity. Some people have a misconception that brainwave entrainment is ‘mystical’ or ‘new age’.

The truth is that brainwave entrainment is completely scientific and based on years of scientific research.

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Wikipedia describes it as:

“Brainwave entrainment or “brainwave synchronization,” is any practice that aims to cause  frequency to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce sleep), usually performed with the use of specialized medical software.

It depends upon a “frequency following” response, a naturally occurring phenomenon where the human brain has a tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.

Such a stimulus may be aural, as in the case of binaural beats or monaural beats and  isochronic tones, or else visual, as with a dreamachine, a combination of the two with a mind machine, or even electromagnetic radiation.”

On our website we are focusing on the aural types of brainwave entraiment… binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. These three forms of entrainment can be extremely beneficial to your state of mind and are very simple to use.

Specific Types of Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural Beats

  • Binaural beats have become the most widely known and used form of aural brainwave entrainment. They are very effective in helping you to achieve altered states of consciousness but not as effective as monaural beats or isochronic tones. The binaural beats will come in either an MP3 download or on a CD and are to be listened to while sitting quietly with a pair of headphones.

    Read our post on binaural beats to learn more about their benefits.

Monaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

  • Monaural beats and isochronic tones are actually a much more advanced form of brainwave entrainment. Most companies are simply offering binaural beat recordings as they have gained much popularity.

    However there are a few companies that have branched out with these more advanced technologies and consequently are offering far superior products that work within a much quicker time frame and with far less effort from the brain.

    Read our post on monaural beats and isochronic tones to learn more about how this works.

History of Brainwave Entrainment

Being able to control which frequencies your brain is tuned into allows you to control your state of mind and achieve your desired results whether they be experiencing a new mind state or simply enjoying the benefits of less stress, more relaxation and deeper sleep.

The effects of brainwave entrainment have been acknowledged as early as Ptolemy but it has only been identified as recently as 1934. With over 70 years of research you may wonder why it is not more well known.

I think that for one thing there is much more money to be made in the drug business. Recordings of binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones do not tend to cost a whole lot and it is easy to imagine that this little inexpensive industry can not even begin to compete with the pharmaceutical giants.

→Brainwave entrainment products should not take the place of beneficial pharmaceuticals but they do offer a natural and safe aid for many mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues.

How Will Brainwave Entrainment Benefit You?

There are many amazing benefits to brainwave entrainment that include:

  • improved health
  • less stress
  • lower anxiety
  • better sleep
  • improved memory and IQ
  • and the ability to achieve numerous altered states of consciousness

Here are just a few types of binaural beats brainwave audios that are available:

  • chakra balancing
  • astral projection
  • past life regression
  • meditation
  • aura viewing
  • help with depression
  • prosperity
  • lucid dreaming
  • esp/psychic
  • memory enhancer
  • weight loss
  • and there are lots more

The benefits of brainwave entrainment are actually becoming so well known that they are starting to be used more and more by mainstream professionals such as psychologists, coaches, teachers, mental health clinics, professional athletes and individuals from all over the world.

The True Test is to Try it for Yourself

It is fairly common to be quite skeptical of brainwave entrainment until it is tried. The concept can be vaguely confusing and hard to understand. It can seem too simple to sit with headphones and listen to some pulses and expect great change.

However I can speak from personal experience that once they are tried you will be telling everyone you know. I found the benefits to be practically instant and the change in my well being and my stress levels were significant. It is actually quite exciting when you think of all that can be achieved with brainwave entrainment.

It is not magic… but they do work and with consistent usage you can get dramatic results.

Plus by using the binaural beat MP3 recordings or the CD’s daily it forces you to sit and take time for yourself and relax… which is a great side benefit.

In Summary…

By simply applying the right binaural frequencies to the brain you are able to achieve frequencies that may have only been possible through many years of dedicated meditation practice… if that.

The science behind brainwave entrainment is sound. It is tried, tested and true and I can only encourage everyone to at least try it and give it a chance.

The best way to create change is to take action and to experience the benefits for yourself.

Where can You Find Quality Brainwave Entrainment Products?

There are actually quite a few reputable brainwave entrainment companies. I would only caution that it is best to use a company that creates their binaural beat recordings themselves. There are some that use stock recordings and the quality can then become compromised.  So look for companies that advertise raw, original recordings that they create themselves.

We purchase our binaural beats and isochronic tones from The Unexplainable Store. They offer high quality and affordable options for many unique brainwave audios in Mp3 format or on CD’s.

We have been using their products in our daily lives for just over a year and have had really good success with them.  Explore their brainwave entrainment audios for yourself and discover which mind state and what great benefits you would like to experience first.

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