My Experience with the DNA Stimulation Isochronic Tones


A while back I invested in the DNA Stimulation isochronic tones download. It is a 30 minute audio download (or CD if you choose) that brings you into a deep Delta state to help repair your DNA.

As one who has always had to work at being healthy and staying healthy, I figured this might be something worth trying.

DNA – the Building Blocks of Life

I have known for a while that damage to our DNA is extremely common due to a number of different factors including:

  • UV light and radiation
  • chemicals in the environment and in food
  • depletion of the ozone layer and solar radiation
  • lack of exercise and proper nutrition

It seems to me that even doing the best we can it is pretty hard to escape a lot of these dangers. Luckily DNA is programmed to repair itself and protect you from damaged cells. However for some people their DNA is not able to do this fast enough depending on how much damage there is and illness and diseases occur.

DNA – the Command Center

DNA is a basic code of proteins that is locked within each cell’s nucleus. It acts as the command center for the cell. Essentially it keeps control by giving distinct orders such as:

  • telling the cell how to divide
  • what the DNA in those cells should contain
  • as well as what part of the body these cells are intended to function in

DNA Gone Bad

When problems occur it is because there is major damage to the DNA. Damaged cells can spread and a single cell is able to divide itself over and over until you become ill. A common example is cancer. With cancer there is an uncontrolled dividing of cells due to damaged DNA.

Rest and Repair

As mentioned before your DNA is more than willing to repair itself if given a little help. Things like proper nutrition, relaxation, protection from radiation and chemicals all will promote DNA repair and lead to a healthier life.

However sometimes you need a little something extra to give you that boost in DNA strength. That is where the DNA isochronic tones come in.

How the DNA Isochronic Tones Work

Although I do not have a serious illness such as cancer I know that my DNA has been damaged over the years and sometimes causes me serious problems. I have worked hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle but I know I need a little extra help.

The DNA Isochronic Tones seemed worth a shot.

This brainwave audio works by basically hitting the right brain frequencies to trigger the DNA repair.

It is thought that the Delta brainwave frequency greatly helps with promoting healthy cellular activity. While in the Delta state your cells are able to repair and strengthen.

However when sleep patterns are affected by stress and worry, it is very difficult to repair damaged cells at the rate that is needed.

When listening to the DNA isochronics your mind will be brought to an enhanced Delta state so that your bodies own natural healing mechanisms will kick in. While in this Delta brainwave state energy is focused on healing your cells and balancing your body. Consequently you become healthier, stronger, more energetic and refreshed.

Putting the DNA Isochronic’s to the Test

I liked the idea of this and wanted to try it for myself. I bought the DNA stimulation isochronic tones about a year ago. I wanted to try them for a good amount of time before writing about them so I could really see if I had any progress.

I listened to the 30 minute audio download three times per week for about six months.

During my sessions I would visualize my cells repairing themselves and imagine my health issues healing as well as my body growing stronger.

These were my findings:

1. Within a very short period of time… I would say about two weeks, I began to feel more energetic and my head began to clear. I would sometimes get tension headaches and I found that these not only became less frequent but would disappear completely right after a session.

2.My skin began to glow. It may sound corny but I felt like my skin was beginning to glow. It became very clear and I thought looked like I had much more ‘life’ in me.

3.The real test for me was my blood. I have had problems for years with my blood becoming weak (mainly my red blood cells become compromised) which causes me some problems. This was my main focus during my sessions and I worked on it consistently for many months.

I didn’t notice any difference in this issue for quite awhile and besides my overall feeling of more energy and balance I wasn’t sure I was going to get results in this area. However several months down the road I decided to have my blood tested to get some real data as to how I was doing.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that my blood was healthy and strong. I continued using the isochronic tones for another couple of months to really make sure my DNA was continually repairing itself properly.

Was it the Isochronic Tones?

Truthfully it is hard to say. The fact that I was also meditating while listening to the audio as well as doing my own visualizations could definitely have been major factors in my improved health as well.

However I know that if I have an issue again I will not hesitate to pull out my DNA stimulation isochronic tones. I figure I can use all the help I can get.

The concept makes sense to me. If our DNA repairs itself faster while in the Delta brainwave state then by bringing my mind to that state it would seem that my cellular repair would happen at a faster rate.

I know that there are many other factors involved but I would not hesitate to recommend the DNA Stimulation Isochronic Tones from The Unexplainable Store.

In truth you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of health to gain!

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