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There are countless stories of those who remember details from a previous life. There are countless more stories of those who have been successful with past life regression and been able to heal issues they are having in their current life.

There are all sorts of theories concerning past lives, the most notable being that our current life reflects the karma that was the result of our previous lives.

Given this theory, it is not surprising that many of us are extremely interested in learning about our previous lives, who we were, where we lived and what happened in our lives.

Is it Possible to See our Past Lives?

In my opinion yes it is. I believe in all certainty that we are all able to see our past lives if we have the desire. I began exploring past life regression many years ago as I was dealing with some major health issues in my own life.

My first experience with past life regression came from seeing an excellent psychologist who specializes in past life regression therapy. I was already open to the idea and had done a fair amount of exploring and learning on my own. My sessions with this psychologist were awesome, fascinating and unbelievably helpful.

There are many people who are not willing to believe that past life regression is real and I can understand their feelings. However for those of us who have experienced seeing past lives, have felt the feelings of our past selves and cleared issues resulting from past lives… there is no question. For myself, I had some major health issues that simply “disappeared” once I had cleared some of my past life karma. It was mind blowing.

How can we Experience Past Life Regression?

I believe that everyone has the ability to experience past life regression. It may come easier to some than to others but with practice and a willingness to be open it is absolutely possible. There are a few different ways to experience past life regression:

  1. By seeing a past life regression professional. This is a great option as you can work one on one with an educated and experienced professional who deals daily with past life regression. This method can be extremely effective but can also end up costing a lot of money. If the professional past life regressionist has any real education and experience their cost will not come cheap.
  2. Through years of practicing meditation. If you are willing to put the time and discipline into meditation practice, it is possible to “self regress” yourself if you have the desire. I have done this myself, but am not sure if I would have been able to had I not first seen the Psychologist and had the knowledge of how it is done and what it feels like. It is possible though if anyone wants to explore this avenue.
  3. By using brainwave entrainment products. Binaural beats and other types of brainwave entrainment can be extremely helpful in tuning our brain into the right frequency to be able to experience past life regression easily. Once your brain starts to read the right frequency, it then becomes very easy for you to look back and essentially turn the pages of your past lives. Brainwave entrainment can actually help you to not only be able to see your past life but also to be much more aware of what is happening.
How does Brainwave Entrainment affect Past Life Regression?

Our brain experiences different frequencies. When we are in our normal awake state we are experiencing the Alpha frequency. When we are dreaming and in a completely calm and subdued state we are experiencing the Theta frequency.

To experience past life regression we need to oscillate between the Alpha and the Theta frequencies. This can be extremely difficult to do on our own.

By using a recording of either binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones it will help your brain to get into the alpha and theta frequency states at the required levels so that you are able to view your past lives.

Going through your past life can be a huge revelation in itself. Certain aspects of your current life will suddenly make complete sense. The benefits of exploring a past life can be so numerous and huge that I would recommend that everyone use a past life regression binaural beats recording and start practicing going back in time right away.

It does take practice, so be careful not to get discouraged. Once you have achieved your first past life regression you will want to practice more and more. Besides the great health benefits of clearing karma from past lives I think one of the greatest revelations of going through an old life is that it helps you to understand your purpose in your current life.

The best source for past life regression binaural beats that we have found and the one that I use myself is at:

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