The Power of Isochronic Crystals


For years the power of crystals has been used in many different types of electronic products as well as in battery-driven products.

They are commonly used in:

  • computer laptops
  • power generation equipment
  • communication radios
  • watches

The Discovery of the Power of Crystals

The power within crystals was discovered thousands of years ago and used for many different reasons. It didn’t take long once we entered the technology age that crystal-tuned components were showing up all over the place – mainly inside high-end electronics and sensitive technical instruments.

Crystals are able to resonate in harmony with several different frequencies. For this reason it was only a matter of time before healers and practitioners within the spiritual realm were also putting them to good use.

In order to fine tune specific crystals for the benefit of healing and to have them respond to a single frequency, pieces must be cut off. This will remove the unwanted vibrations and make them very specific in their use. This takes skill and a lot of knowledge in order to know exactly how to do this.

Isochronically Activated Crystals

Isochronically activated crystals are crystals whose vibrations have been enhanced through isochronic tones. Up to this point we have only seen isochronic tones used in audio format to work with our own brainwave frequencies.

However they are now able to cleanse and increase the power of crystals through activating them with isochronic tones.

The Healing Powers of Isochronic Crystals

There is only one source right now for Isochronically activated crystals and that is at The Unexplainable Store. With expertise and scientific research they have used tumbled stones and isochronically activated them with their high quality isochronic tones which have enhanced the healing powers of the crystals and gemstones.

These special crystals become extremely powerful with a very high vibration.

Why Tumbled Stones?

They use tumbled stones for three main reasons:

  1. They like their gemstones and crystals to possess the potential to resonate with the full spectrum of vibrations desired most by their users – which is accomplished through tumbling.
  2. Tumbling creates a smoother and more uniform stone which feels better when held in the hand
  3. The smooth clear surface of the stone also cuts down on outside interference, and allows a fuller penetration and better absorption of the isochronic tones.

Combine the power of crystals with the power of isochronic tones and you get an extremely powerful stone that is capable of great healing and huge vibrations.

Learn more about the benefits of the different isochronically activated crystals at The Unexplainable Store.

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