Pure Binaural Beats Test Drive


I have decided to branch out and start trying some new binaural beats recordings.

I am still a big fan of the downloads from the Unexplainable Store but I want to stay current in my knowledge and experience so I thought it was time to try some new ones.

PureBinauralBeats is a popular website that has quite a few different options for mp3 downloads.

Many of them are similar to audios I already own so I was looking for something a little bit different.

At first glance the Pure Binaural Beats website is fairly simple. In fact I found it to be a little bit too simple as I prefer to be sold on the fact that they sell excellent quality recordings and there was not much info to state that fact.

All the same the prices were decent and I had heard good things so I decided to try the ‘calm down’ download as I was having a tense week.

Besides they promised me results within 8 minutes and a 100% guarantee. Ok I was in, I gave it a shot.

Pure Beats Calm Down Experiment

I downloaded my brainwave mp3 and transferred it directly to my iPod. I then lay down on my couch, put on a pair of headphones and started the audio.

My initial impression was that the sounds were very much like other binaural recordings that I had listened to. I closed my eyes and let myself float away with the beats and pulses.

During my brainwave entrainment session I practiced some deep breathing, a habit I formed years ago as I find it always helps me to relax and go with the flow of the recording.

Well the truth is after about five minutes I started to doze off. Yes I fell asleep and I don’t even remember the track finishing. I didn’t sleep for too long, only about thirty-five minutes, but I can say that when I woke up I felt rested and calm.

Was it from the recording or from my quick catnap? Honestly who knows, but if nothing else it relaxed me enough to actually fall asleep in the middle of the day and then go on with my day feeling a little calmer and a lot more refreshed.

A Failed Test?

I am not sure whether to consider this a failed experiment or not. My tension was definitely lessened but at the same time I do not know if the binaural beats actually alleviated it or if it was the result of my much needed nap.

I am still unsure of the quality of these recordings and I have not yet tried a different brainwave audio in order to test them again. Once I do, I will report back.

For now I would say that if you need to relax and maybe catch up on some zzzz’s, then go for it and try one of their binaural beats. They have 48 different tracks to choose from and some of them sound pretty deep.

A few of their other options are:

  • constant peace
  • Jedi mind trick
  • self assurance
  • increased energy
  • millionaire mind
  • radiant health
  • oneness
  • Earth’s resonance
  • study aid

There are lots more to choose from. Click here to visit Pure Binaural Beats..

Or keep reading and learn more information on how binaural beats work.

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