Spirit Guide Connection with Binaural Beats


It is said that each one of us has at least one spirit guide.  A spirit guide is a soul that has either departed or has stayed in the spirit world in order to take on the role of watching out for you, helping you and teaching you along your journey.

Binaural beats can help to achieve many things, and yes they can also help to connect with your spirit guide.

Once you have made a connection with your spirit guide you can tune in at any time in your life for guidance.

A spirit guide can provide a feeling of being connected to something higher than yourself and higher than this world.

What does a Spirit Guide do?

It is my understanding that a spirit guide will help to guide you along a positive path. It will help to steer you away from negative energy and watch over you in case you need help. You may have had a very strong gut reaction to something in the past. Many will say that your spirit guide was communicating with you.

To be able to connect with your spirit guide at any time can be an awesome experience.

Knowing your spirit guide can help you to never feel alone or abandoned in this world. Your spirit guide is always there and it is up to you whether you want to connect or not.

Some people say that once you have connected with your spirit guide everything will start to go right in your world. I don’t believe this to be true. Knowing your spirit guide and being able to communicate with your spirit guide does not mean that you will suddenly have all the “right” answers and know all the “right” choices to make.

What it means is that you will have guidance… if you choose to listen to it. It means that you will feel a presence, larger than yourself that will be there for you if you need it. Don’t be disillusioned in thinking that your spirit guide can magically solve all your problems. We still have to learn our lessons in life – but with your spirit guide ever present, perhaps you will have a better understanding of what you need to learn from these lessons and consequently an easier time of dealing with them.

Using Binaural Beats for Reaching your Spirit Guide

Binaural beats work directly with your brain frequencies to bring you into altered states of consciousness. When you are in this kind of state you are able to work with your subconscious and tap into much deeper levels of the brain.

The results of using binaural beats have been compared to the same results that one might have from years and years of deep meditation practice. You are able to go deeper within and to altered mind states that you may not have thought possible to reach… at least not so quickly. While in these mind states you can easily focus on reaching your spirit guide.

Spirit guides are known to come to us in our dreams. With binaural beats we can have our spirit guide come to us while we are awake so that we are able to remember. Binaural beats get the conscious mind out of the way so that we are actually able to listen without all the mind chatter that we are used to.

The truth is your spirit guide is always trying to communicate with you. Binaural beats simply provide the bridge we need to be able to tap into and listen to our spirit guides on a regular basis.

Once this bridge of communication is open you can consult with your spirit guide any time you need to without the usual blockages and difficulties.

To find a good quality source for brainwave entrainment products that help directly with spirit guide connections, please see our page on binaural beats.

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