Automatic writing is when you enter into an altered state and allow your spiritual connections to control what you write. We often hear of people who write whole books based on channeling and automatic writing. These people claim to not be in control of what they are writing… they are simply holding the pen and […]

Binaural beats are an effective and known way to enhance ones memory. I have met a few people throughout my life that seemed to have superhuman memory capabilities. It always made me vaguely jealous as I can only imagine that a phenomenal memory would help with literally every aspect of life. I know from experience […]

Without motivation life can seem pretty dull. Motivation is important not only for success but also for enthusiasm to get up and enjoy the day. If you are looking for techniques to increase your overall motivation then it is important to look at the functioning of the brain. To feel motivation we have to de-clutter […]

Having some type of extra natural power should no longer be looked at as eerie or magical. Today, though it may still be mysterious, there are researches and studies that prove that it is quite possible and feasible for the human brain to understand and know a lot of things that are above the normal […]

There are countless stories of those who remember details from a previous life. There are countless more stories of those who have been successful with past life regression and been able to heal issues they are having in their current life. There are all sorts of theories concerning past lives, the most notable being that […]

The power of manifestation is rarely truly understood. It is a powerful mind tool that is accessible by every person out there. Most of us have heard that our thoughts create our reality but how many of us use our thoughts to manifest what we want in our lives on a daily basis? The only […]

For many people the term binaural beats is relatively new and unknown. However the fact is that binaural beats have been around for a very long time (over 70 years). They have been used by many but are really just starting to gain the popularity that they deserve. Understanding what binaural beats are as well […]