Top 10 Benefits of Using Binaural Beats


Binaural beat downloads have become very popular for a number of reasons. No matter what your own reasons are for wanting to try binaural beats there are a few key benefits that most people can expect when using this type of brainwave entrainment.

Below are the most common benefits that we have found from using all binaural beat and brainwave entrainment products.

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Time Alone – When you sit down to listen to your binaural beat recording you are forced to take some time out alone that is just for you.
  2. Relaxation – Now that you are quietly sitting alone you can also allow yourself to tune out and relax. I know for myself, even when I am alone, I feel as though I always should be doing something. It can be difficult to take the time to relax and listening to binaural beats forces you to do so.
  3. Better Sleep – There is no doubt about it, listening to binaural beats will help you to not only fall asleep quickly but also to have a deep and restful sleep. Every binaural beat recording I have listened to has not only relaxed me but help me to fall asleep. The odd time when I was really having trouble I would have to listen to the recording twice but I would always end up falling asleep.
  4. Deep Meditation – Binaural beats are very well known for helping to reach deep levels of meditation. The reason for this is that binaural beats will help to experience the low brainwave frequencies that are associated with deep meditation and higher levels of consciousness. If you want to be able to reach the Theta wave state without years and years of practice and discipline then binaural beats are definitely the way to go.
  5. Positive Thoughts – Brainwave entrainment products are also known for helping to achieve a very positive outlook on life and consequently a deeper feeling of happiness. When we are able to calm down our body and our mind and tune into the right frequency – without using medication or drugs – we are then capable of living a much healthier and happier life.
  6. Heightened Mental Abilities – It is well known that we only use a very small portion of the brain. It has been shown that listening to a binaural beat MP3 or CD can actually train the brain to tap into other areas that you were not capable of before. This can result in sharper focus, improved memory, and heightened creativity. Binaural beats allow the brain to work at a much deeper and clearer level.
  7. Higher State of Consciousness – Of course when we broaden our mind we are able to experience a heightened sense of awareness and listening to the right frequencies will help to achieve all kinds of altered states of mind.
  8. Improved Health and Healing – Certain frequencies have been shown to help the bodies healing process and to improve the immune system. It certainly isn’t a cure but anything that helps the body to be stronger is worth a shot.
  9. Less Stress – This is a big one as I don’t know anyone who doesn’t suffer from stress and anxiety. Binaural beats help with stress in a lot of different. They are known to not only be very calming for the body and the mind but also to help think at a clearer level to help deal with stress more effectively.
  10. Pain Management – If you are dealing with any type of chronic pain you are well aware of the toll it takes on your body, your mind and your life. Binaural beats can help to relax the body to be able to deal with the pain more effectively. Also they can be good for dealing with allergies. I have experienced this first hand… when I get a major allergic reaction I plug into my brainwave entrainment recording and it puts my body back into the calm state needed to be able to stop the reaction. This has worked for me many times.

View our page on binaural beats for more information on the benefits of binaural beats and where to find high quality binaural beat MP3’s and CD’s.

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