Top 10 Binaural Beats Downloads


As more people become aware of the beneficial results from listening to binaural beats and other brainwave audios such as isochronic tones the choice for MP3 downloads as well as for CD’s increases.

There are so many options for great audios and which ones you choose to listen to will depend on your needs as well as what you wish to experience.  The onverall general benefit from all of them is extreme relaxation but there are also numerous very specific mind states that can be experienced.

In our experience we have noticed ten unique binaural beats downloads that seem to have gained the most popularity.

Below are the top 10 binaural beats brainwave audios that we have noticed to be most popular at this time. They are in no particular order.

Top 10 Binaural Beats

1. Astral projection
Make connections with the astral plane. Visit distant friends and relatives from the comfort of your own home.

2. Meditation
Experience deep theta meditation within minutes. This level of meditation would normally take years of practice and dedication to achieve on your own.

3. Lucid dreaming
Take control of your dreams and experience the high of conscious dreaming. This binaural beats download is extremely popular and known to work very well.

4. Chakra tuning
Balance each one of your chakras to make sure their energy is balanced and powerful. This helps to promote healing, energy and well being.

5. Manifestation
Tune your brain to the right frequency for manifestation. This helps with removing subconscious blockages and manifesting whatever your mind can conceive… quickly.

6. ESP/psychic
Psychic abilities are directly related to experience certain brain frequencies. With the help of this binaural beats download you can tune into the exact right frequency for ESP and psychic energy.

7. Telepathy
We all have the ability to tell what others are thinking. However without experiencing the right brainwave frequency it can be difficult to tune in and know how to do this. The Telepathy audio recording will you get on the right wave length.

8. Remote viewing
Remote viewing is most well known with the use of psychic detectives. This audio will help you see objects and scenes far beyond what your eyes can see. This is a powerful recording that with practice greatly helps to increase your psychic abilities.

9. Endorphin release
Endorphins are directly tied in with your brain and are a powerful tool for stopping pain and helping with pain management. Help your body release the endorphins needed to stop chronic pain and deal with injuries.

10. Memory enhancer
Binaural beats are known to greatly increase the minds memory as well as its focus. By bypassing the conscious mind and dealing directly with the subconscious it is possible to not only enhance your memory, but increase your IQ and focus as well.

If none of the above mind states interest you, then not to worry, there are many other options to choose from including such categories as:

  • spiritual and metaphysical
  • money and prosperity
  • health and hygiene
  • brain function
  • therapy recordings
  • personal development
  • and many adult subjects

Each of these top 10 binaural beats downloads as well as many others are easily accessible at The Unexplainable Store.

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