True Health Begins with the Mind


One of the most important things we need in life is health. The old saying that health is wealth could not be truer. Without it, you have a big problem. If you have it, anything is possible.

There is lots that can be done to live a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy food, exercise, fun and learning. However if your brain is not on the right track then no matter what you do, good health will likely continue to elude you.

The human mind is more powerful than most outside influences. The brain tells us what to do, what to eat and how to feel. The thoughts that go through your head are constantly programming every aspect of your life and that includes your health.

How can Binaural Beats affect Health?

By listening to binaural beats you can influence your brainwaves to produce the right frequencies for:

  • positive thinking
  • relaxation
  • rejuvenation
  • sleep
  • and ultimately for health

One of the biggest obstacles in life is negative thinking. Often we don’t even realize that there are negative thoughts going through our head because it is so habitual and automatic. To be able to reprogram our mind means that you can begin to make positive thinking a habit and send only positive signals to your body and mind.

By sending the right signals from the brain you can make a drastic change in your health and well being. It is not uncommon to have an uncooperative brain. After all the brain has been programmed since we first entered this world. With so many years of habitual programming it can be very difficult to make the switch and reprogram it for a state of health and happiness. This is where binaural beats come in.

Which Binaural Beats Audios to Use for Health

I have personally spent a lot of time working on my own health… a LOT of time. Accepting perfect health can be a very long journey of self-discovery and there have been numerous different things that helped at different points throughout my life.

Using binaural beats has become instinctual for me now. If I ever feel myself veering off course I plug into my binaural beats and bring my brain and my body right back into harmony.

Health is the foundation of a great life and it should not be taken for granted. Keep in mind that our body health is determined by our mind health. Once our brain feels healthy then the body will follow suit.

Please see our page on binaural beats to find more information on the effectiveness of binaural beats.

There is a specific product at the Unexplainable Store that is specifically for health. It comes in MP3 format and CD’s for a very reasonable price in either binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones.

This specific binaural audio provides soothing frequency waves that can provide immense relief to the person who hears them and it can completely rejuvenate the entire body. It also brings about a feeling of freshness and plays a big role in sleep regularization.

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