Using Binaural Beats to Connect with Christ Consciousness


What is Christ Consciousness? Put in other terms, it is simply a higher consciousness.

Tapping into Christ Consciousness is the ability to integrate a universal human consciousness into your daily life. It allows you to connect to a higher thought form and enjoy a higher level of communication… no matter what religion you practice or what region of the world you live in.  You can tap into this higher state of consciousness by using binaural beats or another form of brainwave entrainment in order to alter your mind state.

We are all connected!

The population on this Earth is diverse, rich in culture and full of different methods of communication.

The one thing that connects us all, regardless of belief systems or religion is the understanding that there is a higher consciousness and the universal desire to connect with this divinity… no matter what form it takes for you.

For many seeking to experience and live in a higher consciousness, spiritual development is an integral part of their lives. It is a continuous journey of self-development and thought transformation that with each step and with each breath brings you closer to the Christ consciousness and divinity we all wish to experience.

Your own personal evolution is a key step in the evolution of the entire world and of the consciousness that connects us all.

How can Binaural Beats Help with Higher Consciousness?

Although many use meditation and different tools for spiritual development, it can still seem like a far off goal to truly achieve and live with a higher consciousness. Being aware of it is the first step, understanding that every human being on this planet is connected through this higher state of mind is the second step. The third step requires you to take some type of action to develop your spirituality and create the right mind state to achieve Christ consciousness yourself.

By using binaural beats to condition your mind, you can experience the right brain frequencies at the right time to connect to and reach a higher consciousness state.

When you use a binaural beat recording that is specifically designed for Christ consciousness you will be able to:

  • tune your brain to an exact Upper Beta Frequency
  • experience a frequency that will bring you into a state of harmony and balance
  • accelerate your higher learning and spiritual knowledge… the Upper Beta Frequency will help the knowledge to flow naturally

It can be quite difficult for many people to achieve certain brain frequencies on their own without any help. Sometimes those who have spent years of meditation practice and dedication are able to do this.

However it does not have to be so difficult. Binaural beats are a proven and easy alternative experiencing higher levels of consciousness. By listening through headphones they simply alter ones brain frequency to the exact right Hertz in order to experience the desired results.

Tips for using Binaural Beats

  • Use headphones for binaural beats. It is not necessary to use headphones for monaural beats or for isochronic tones… but it is always helpful.
  • Listen to the binaural audio with your eyes closed in order to block out any visual stimulation.
  • Listen to the binaural beats brainwave entrainment when you are able to sit and relax in a quiet environment.
  • Be consistent with your recordings. You do not have to listen to them everyday but it does help to listen to them regularly.

Conclusion on Experiencing Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness can be called a lot of things but it is basically a higher form of consciousness that we all share and are all able to tap into. It is not always easy to tap into this mind state on your own and binaural beats can be a great help to achieving this higher mind state quickly and easily.

The benefits of experiencing a higher consciousness are numerous and it is an integral part of your spiritual development to the ultimate goal of achieving divinity. Every person on this Earth is connected through this higher consciousness and as such we can affect the world positively simply by working on our own development and positive mind state.

Not many people know what it is like to be in a state of perfect harmony. Imagine if you could create this state anytime you like simply by listening to a binaural beats recording.

Explore these products for Christ Consciousness Brainwave Entrainment at the Unexplainable Store to experience the beneficial results for yourself.  For more information on binaural audios please read our page on binaural beats.

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